Full Moon In Scorpio – Hitting The Sweet Spot

From my newsletter (sent tomorrow):

“Thursday’s full Moon in Scorpio is so powerful, I’m sending notice two days ahead so people can make the most of this extraordinary opportunity…”

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Full Moon In Scorpio – Hitting The Sweet Spot — 6 Comments

  1. scorpio moon time of the month is always bad for me. I swear, I’d like to hide under the covers. There is always bad news, something horrid that happens either in front of me or to me and mine. That is how I became aware that astrology truly exists/works was tracking my bad days and good day on a calendar and then finding out it cycled with the moon signs. urgh.

  2. Talk about dramatic life changes that this moon can bring…I found out I was pregnant during the full moon in Scorpio last year (Cinco de Mayo 2012). I’m waiting to see what happens with this one.

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