Full Moon in Libra: March 27, 2013 – High Stakes, Balls, Burnin’ Love And The Heat Of The Moment

The upcoming full moon in Libra will be a shocker because she squares Pluto as opposes the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries. I think we’d better expect some drama with this!

Many will have an impulse to amputate relationships under a sky this dynamic.  In some cases it will be because they find the courage to cut off dead weight.  Others will hack noses off their own faces, so try not to be one of them.

Powerful alliances will be die at this time.  New alliances with fresh potential will be born.

I would like to say the new alliances will be long-lasting, but with Uranus is involved, the bonds are not stable.

We may also see some really nasty crap. I am talking about people who are nice in order the advance an agenda, back-stabbing and betrayal.

I know people are upset when I write stuff like this. I apologize for it, but it’s hard to put a doily this much fury, threatening to be unleashed.

I may not have a a doily, but that doesn’t mean there is no positive spin. I called my newsletter on this topic “Get it up (Mars) for Love (Libra).

Mars is a hero, not just an asshole so keep that in mind.  Also, anyone who has ever been in love, knows it takes balls!

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Full Moon in Libra: March 27, 2013 – High Stakes, Balls, Burnin’ Love And The Heat Of The Moment — 64 Comments

  1. This maybe the time frame for when we tell my family that we’ll be moving far away (to the west coast)? There are still details to work out before we are sure, but it looks like this should all get worked out this week (not that merc is no longer rx).

  2. I’ve already experienced this last week the loss of a powerful ally. It ended rather ungracefully but it was necessary for me to grow. Interesting for me my new moon 2nd house self esteem enables me to let go and look forward to my 8th house Full moon conjunct jupiter opposite chiron.

  3. Interested to see what happens, but definatly something will happend, so many aspects I have with this Libra moon, not sure which one will heat up with my multi dimentional problemetic life.

    This full moon is coming in between my natal Uranus and Jupiter (6H). Full moon will also oppose Natal Chiron(11H). Transiting Pluto (8H) is currently in perfact square with my Natel Jupiter.

  4. life for me is basically on a rut right now, so any shaking or stirring is much welcomed. just hope it goes into the right direction.

  5. Thanks in advance, Elsa. Your forecasts have helped keep me out of deep poo time and again. I either keep my mouth shut, say what needs sayin’ or at least understand why things are happening. I read your stuff and try to figure out how it plays out in my life. Over and over, it rolls out much like you say. I have a lotta respect for you.

  6. “Mars is a hero, not just an asshole so keep that in mind. Also, anyone who has ever been in love, knows it takes balls!”


  7. Since this will happen RIGHT ON my natal moon, I feel it’s going to activate my Moon/Chiron/Neptune T-Square. VERY curious.

  8. When a natal planet, or angle, is conjunct this full moon, does the natal planet or angle placement override the transit aspects?

  9. ah crap…i have friend that owes a lot of money to me after 2 years of our friendship/buissness partnership, going nowhere. I planned on telling him this week or next in an email with all the paper work i have gathered in proof ( bank statements) so that he does not try to dupe me..he promised he would pay up..but he takes drugs & never seems to make any sense when he tries to communicate with me or anyone else involved in this saga..ive been worried about how these transits will impact..& its likely the outcome will be a war of words..which i can not stand to do..but when the going gets tough..just got to stay calm & try & love the neptunian effected out there right now…(escapism & denial)..plus with this libra moon comming up. arhggg!!!! :-(

    thanks for the heads up Elsa…im gonna need it 😉

  10. “When a natal planet, or angle, is conjunct this full moon, does the natal planet or angle placement override the transit aspects?”

    No. The natal planet is impacted / energized.

  11. “the planet is impacted/energized”


    just had a look at my chart…not looking good.
    natal mars in cancer – 3rd house. juno in libra..
    hope this situation dont impact on me & my fiance..(”.)

  12. “Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.” Bette Davis in All About Eve. Now there was an Aries!
    The advice my dad used to give me was, “Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut!”

  13. There’s a nice trine to that full moon though from Gemini in reasonably close orb. I see it as maybe fancy footwork or going down in a fixed fight. Complex and tricky but potentially lucky too.Sting operation where fortune favors the swift this time, not the brave. I dunno, I see maybe elaborate cover stories actually working. Maybe. If you time it right. Gotta keep your head in the game though.

  14. elsa, i can only speak for myself, but the reason why i like you is because you don’t sugarcoat. forewarning is fair warning. i would bet that’s the reason why others like you as well.

  15. Tonight I spoke to a man I haven’t seen in 30 years. It was momentous. I can’t even categorize it, assign a value good/bad…I just feel as if a whole huge cargo of anger has slid off me. At least for the moment. He has natal planets in Cancer and Libra. I have progressed planets — Sun, Mercury, Venus — in Libra. Although it was the Pisces lunation, squaring my progressed Mars at 21 Virgo that now exactly squares his Gemini Sun, that provoked this. Or so I do believe.

  16. and what do I have at 8 cancer, already techy from long time square from uranus just after the opposition from Pluto, nwo going to be squared by the full moon from one direction and all those others from the other direction… natal merc,,, Well shut my mouth… please seriously someone gag me!

  17. Oh dear, I had this one all wrong. Am raising a glass to everyone and everything that kept me sane through the madness. Perhaps that energy will carry me through??? Only the boogar nose.

  18. I have a question for you Elsa: I have a minor and fairly risk-free same day surgery scheduled for the day of the full moon. For a number of reasons this is a good day, and I had thought it might be good to get my completion by scheduling it on the full moon. While it is minor surgery, it is a fairly full emotional process leading up to it. I am an Aquarius with Scorpio rising, moon just in Virgo past Leo, North node Scorpio, Uranus Scorpio, Mars in the 8th house, Venus in Cap.
    Could this be good timing?
    Is there any increase in medical risk on this day? And for how many days afterward?
    Thank you!

    • Welcome, star. I’m sorry, but I don’t know. I am not a medical astrologer. I would have to look at your chart and think about it. I can tell you I would not let a full moon stop me from surgery. :)

  19. A full moon always brings the completion of something. If your surgery is meant to complete and finish a cycle then there could not be a better day. Expect some drama but then…if its a big deal to why shouldn’t there be a little drama?

    It’ll be OK.

  20. Oh this is scary, I’m in a relationship, and we’re taking some time off since my partner has been explosive and very angry lately for stuff that I thought was in the past but he confessed still makes him mad.

    Would it be better to avoid talking completely until the end of this cycle? four or five days after the 27th?

  21. wouldn’t it have to make an aspect to planets and/or angles of your chart in order for it to have an impact….And if the aspect it makes is harmonious, then it should have a positive effect.

    the full moon makes a trine to my sun (in 4th house gemini) and sextiles my midheaven in sagittarius. the aspect has an orb of 2 to 3 deg.

    wouldn’t that have a positive effect?

  22. Wow! Pluto is transiting my 4th house in Capricorn, and Uranus, Mars, Sun and Venus is in my 7th house of Aries; and today my older sister ask if I would drive her to chicago for a job interview. I said yes, however, I called my mother to let her know I may be in Chicago this weekend. She told me I could not stay at her home! Was I surprised yes but not shocked! I’ve been living in Georgia for 21 years and out of 21 years my mother visit me twice. I normally have to go to Chicago. And, I mean every year that I visit my mother and other sister who lives with my mother they love to argue, work against me in evil ways and start all kinds of strife. Many times driving back to Chicago I was upset, frustrated and confused wondering what I’m doing wrong to cause such bitter conflict. After all these years I’ve finally come to accept it is what it is. I was a little hurt but like I told my mother I don’t want to be where I’m not wanted. I never felt close to you anyway.

    Now I know that I no longer have to be a victim. I can make a new choice, love myself and do things to make me happy. I don’t need to figure it out anymore!
    I’m finally at peace with this! Thanks to the wonderful alignment of the stars!

  23. Thank goodness for you, Elsa!

    How many namby pamby astro. sites did I have to go through, to find one that said it, as it needed to be said–a lot, I can tell you.

    I knew it. I just wanted it spelt out. Damn thing falls into my 8th house and squares natal Venus and Saturn.

    I already know what is going to happen…another one of those ‘old friendships’ that aren’t really friendships because we have nothing in common anymore is going to bite the dust. The sort of ‘friendship’ where the only topic of conversation is little more than a mummy blog, we ‘discuss’ the child’s school, the parents health, worse, when talk is one sided, you know the sort of thing … relationships kept out of habit.
    I am a bad Taurus. But Thank God for Uranus transits! I think Siddya might agree.

    Because I honestly can’t stand it anymore. Ah (virtually)all alone with self and here comes Neptune to conjunct my ascendant…

    I don’t think there are any old friends left (Pluto has finished transiting Saturn 11th house)
    except one, who I haven’t seen for 10 years…Maybe that relationship will transform?

    You know years ago, all of this would have been terrible. Now it feels like freedom.

    Best Dianne

    • “I don’t think there are any old friends left (Pluto has finished transiting Saturn 11th house)
      except one, who I haven’t seen for 10 years…Maybe that relationship will transform?”

      PS – I lost most of my friends when Pluto T my 11th. See the tag “Pluto transit 11th”

  24. Ive noticed that when pluto is involved..i always expect the worst but i end up being the pheonix rising through the ashes of what was..for better or worse..
    Ive noticed that since i have been further involved in astrology..a lot of old friendships of mine seem to be falling by the way side..it kinda sux, but my passion for astrology keeps me going..& for the people i meet online (mostly through astrology blogs)..my old friends (school, work, etc..) just can never match up. I still speak with a few, but most are just to ‘surface’ for me these days..all though im sure if i told them how much time i spend online studying astrology, they would tell me im being ridiculas or something like that.

    Motto is “each to their own in life”.

  25. Oh Elsa I need advice!

    I am being “courted” by another employer and I feel like I’m about to “cheat on” my current employer. Meaning I am actually considering interviewing for a job while I already have one. All of this action on the 27th is near my MC!!

    Seems like a bad idea or just an abrupt and wonderful change? Will they find out and it kills my reputation, maybe I’ll get fired? Then again I don’t want to live a life without risk.


  26. Hi, it’s my first time reading this website and that was a great post, thanks, where can we get the newsletter?
    Also, I want to say the unleashing already happened to me last night, and I read the effects of the full moon on the 27 could happen plus or minus four days, that was the case for me. everything you said, a very unexpected and powerful betrayal. I was just wondering if the effects would linger until and after the 27, aka should I expect more crap, or is it possible that’s its all done already a few days before that moon? thanks!

  27. I am a Libra with Pisces rising and Pisces moon. 3 weeks ago I finally got the courage to end a 25 yr. old friendship with someone who was toxic beyond belief. I look forward to new and positive people/things in my life!

  28. Hi Elsa! I’m sorry I gave so little information! I really don’t have much knowledge on rising signs, but I am a Sagittarius born on November 22th in the morning (11 am) and my partner is a Gemini born on June 5th, I have nothing else! I was just wondering about the communication and love areas since it will apparently be one scary and touchy occasion. Thank you! I love your blog even if I’m not an expert, you’re so blunt and accurate!

  29. don`t underestimate the planet MARS is in T-square IN MY HOROSCOPE.YOU DON`T KNOW WHO AM I(ASTROLOGICALLY).

  30. OMG this is amazing how the skies reflect our life! Yesterday our business partner went off the deep end. He gets “delusional amnesia”, things he’s agreed to he comes back later & says “you did this even though I wasn’t on board”. It’s draining & tiresome.

    We own the majority of the company as well as loaning it a bug chunck & I’m STUNNED at what our partner has said to my hubby-totally cut off your nose to spite your face stuff.

    My husband is calm & reasonable (luckily for me)but his patience is wearing THIN & almost worn off. Our patner asked for a meeting today at noon with the 4 of us, his wife included. It should be VERY interesting.

    Thanks for the heads up Elsa :)

  31. The Full Moon lands in his empty 3rd house & his 9th house Aries only has Eris-8′ & Vesta-10′.

    The FM hits my empty 1st house & only have Eris-8′ in 7th house.

    Battle on the homefront or to protect it!!!

  32. Im a libra (oct 9, 9am). I’ve been dreading this FM since I first heard about it. Not so much due to outside threats but because of my own impluses. Last week i ended my rocky relationship with bf, and this week i am ready to quit my job, without a safety net. Wednesdays are usually my day off and i just happen to be scheduled tmrw and im worried that i might just pack it in at the slightest reason bcuz i can’t do it snymore. Scary…

  33. Thanks for the succinct posts Elsa. Your heads up are always good go-to’s to check myself before i wreck myself, as the saying goes lol. Seriously this week, the cutting the nose to spite one’s face is a real concern, so Im glad to have come across your timely as usual insight =).

  34. There’s someone I need to amputate badly. This person is making me feel horrible. And I just haven’t had the strength to say no to them.

  35. My moon, What is wrong with you. Why are you making me read all this. I am so done with my own thoughts and analysis. Set me free…. heaven’s a lie! :-)

  36. My Sun is in the early degrees of Capricorn, moon in the first degree of Aries, and two early Libra planets conjunct my ascendant. This full moon seems like more of the same to me; I’ve been doing the square dance with Uranus and Pluto for a few years now. So for the next few days I am doing what has saved me from myself so far: lots of yoga, lots of water, green tea with skullcap tincture, and a positive attitude. And if it ends up being sucky anyway I’ll have a party for all the survivors on Easter weekend.

  37. Thank You Elsa P. for being Honest with the Heads Up !!!

    MakeUp is Good but in cases like this is better to be Forewarned !!!

    Best Regards !!!

    Blessings Everybody !!!

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