Focus on Communication Today

With Mercury mashed with Uranus and Pluto, communications are loaded.  This is for good or ill!

I notice I am reading a lot, looking for that one nugget.

I also am doing a lot of consulting and feels it’s going well. People understand me and I, them.

There is a real buzz about it though. The words are deep (Pluto) and simultaneously detached (Uranus).

It’s like a serial killer aspect, if you know what I mean.


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Focus on Communication Today — 1 Comment

  1. Hear you. Except I’m the vigilante Uranus/Pluto 12th Libra retro using my “deep” to “detach” the evil out of others. Might be cause my Uranus dances with my 6th Chiron/Venus. People have been consulting me also. And I’m dragging my ass to get a consult from you, Elsa, lol! *looks up purchasing a damn consultation finally

    The pisces in me will no doubt have my credit card in hand by this weekend but still self-distract until solidifying a consult into mid-next week, at best ugh. In such damn procrastination mode for the last few months

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