Finding Love With Astrology

Do you consistently struggle in relationships? After thirty-five years of consulting, I’ve seen it all when it come to relationship problems!

This Master Class –  Finding Love With Astrology.  offers insight into all the common problems people have when it comes to love…and offers workable solutions to each.

The class will advance your knowledge around how people relate, in leaps and bounds, catapulting you into a new realm and saving you time, pain and money. Check it out!

This course costs $89 but if you buy through this link you’ll get $10 off. Buy now and learn how to solve the problems that plague you in love!

See you there!

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Finding Love With Astrology — 54 Comments

  1. Thanks, Orcus! I am constantly hanging up with clients who need this information. Virtually daily! So I finally put it all in one place in an organized way (with the Mechanic’s help). This way people can have solutions to problems they identify…or identify the problems too, for that matter. And they can go back and be refreshed or reminded.

  2. I don’t even know what kind of fears and problems I might be carrying, since I’ve never been in a long-term relationship, so I don’t know my pattern or my pathology. But I’d consider taking this as a prevention method for if and when I am in a relationship.

  3. Hey this is really good stuff. At first I thought no one can help me, but I’ve come to realize that maybe I am help-able. Some of the stuff I’ve already done, when I think back to *My List* from when I was a youngin it has changed for all the reasons Elsa said. Can’t wait to get through the rest of it!

    Well done Elsa P!!!!!

    If you can fix me, you’re going straight to heaven, but first you’ll have to stop and dance at my next wedding. (Insert Sadge intended pun) <3

  4. Well, I signed up even though I don’t learn well from watching videos/not seeing the words. Hopefully I can make this work…

  5. Is this a one time fee and you can watch all the videos and updates? I can’t listen to the video as i am at work. Looks pretty cool though!

  6. Thanks. I will have to put some money aside for this. Very helpful now as Venus in Capricorn now and that’s my Venus. She seems to not give a damn if I have love or not. I need to make this bitch happy.

  7. Congratulations Elsa, this is a great video. Ok I knew that Sagittarius was prone to commitmentphobia. I didn’t know Virgos were commitmentphobes too (I thought Virgos were just mistrustful of love relationships).

    You definitely have a knack for understanding human behavior and relationships.

  8. Is anyone else who’s paid getting kicked out because their “trial” has run out? It’s done this to me twice and asks why I won’t pay for the course (uh, I already did, that’s why).

  9. Congratulations Elsa – magnificent presentation, course content and fine tuning. It’s an impressive course, brilliant advertising media too – great stuff!

    • Thanks, Gabrielle!
      jen, did this get resolved? I don’t run that site of course, but I wonder it it might be something simple like a cookie problem.

  10. No idea, I sent in the help ticket and then the site immediately crashed right after that last night. I’ll try it again at home tonight and see if it improves.

  11. I really need this! I’m tapped out financially for the month. Will it be available next month too? You’ve given me excellent advice on my relationship in the past so I really can’t wait to get into this.

  12. I just signed up. I am so frickin’ excited. Now that Venus has gone into my sign I hope to listen up and shake the Neptune dust out of my eyes. Not that love isn’t great with a little stardust in your eyes, but it makes navigating choppy waters a little more difficult. JUST IN TIME Elsa! You ROCK sista!!!

  13. I’m having issues with that site. I understand it’s not your site Elsa, but has anyone else had this? I don’t want to sign up with Facebook and when I try to fill in the other boxes, the screen refreshes but all is blank and nothing has “advanced”—I’m never taken to a screen to pay or anything. (I’m not generally a dumb user :), so any help is appreciated. I NEED THIS CLASS ASAP!) :) :)

  14. I have not been through the sign up process, so can’t offer specific help. But I do know that clearing your cookies fixed 95% of the problems people have on this site, so I’d try that.

    I am really sorry! :(

  15. Their support auto-response was “we’re closed until monday.” I ended up installing Firefox and the site works fine. Might’ve been an IE8 problem. (Ya, I still have Windows XP.) :) Now, I gotta “go” to class; just in time for my 2nd date tonight. :)

  16. Hi, Im very interested in taking this course – but first I would love to know how many hours talk/information it consists of? I could not find excact info about that… Thanks in advance:-)

  17. Great idea! Since I divorced in 1988 I have not been in a relationship……..I am very picky and my Venus is in Aquarius! I have been in love with a man who can’t commit………some sort of mother complex…….he comes forward and then seems to have his commitment fobia take over and disappears…….I know he loves me and I have loved him since 1989!Ufortunetly I allowed myself to be caught up in ths…….it’s an addiction..
    This why I think this would be a great class…

  18. this would be very useful. i would love to be loved for who i am . first thing i know is to be able to love yourself
    dont know why i am alone pretty much my entire life.
    funny the dogs names have a laila next door and a used to have a neighbor dog riley and dogs seem to not have to worry about anything

  19. Elsa, I’ve just enrolled on the course :). However, I’m having a lot of problems getting it started. The page ( curriculum/getting started) disappears, and I’m trying to contact Udemy, but unable to, as the page keeps vanishing. I’m not sure if it is the browser I have. Not sure what to do……

    • Hi, zoraida. Thanks for buying the class. I don’t have any access to the back end of the site, so there is nothing I can do directly, I’m sorry. I have heard they address problems quickly. I would also recommend you clear your cookies and re-log in. That solves 90% of the problems on this site.

  20. Hi Elsa
    I would like to know if you deal with the Saturn square Venus aspect in your Finding Love course? This is an extremely hard thing to deal with in life.

  21. Welcome, Verna. Really good question. It is not in there, addressed in a way that is robust. I think I with either add it, or come up with something to address this, very specifically. You’re right – it’s a huge problem. Thanks for the prompt

  22. Hi Elsa, I have Saturn opposite Venus and would love you to address this challenging aspect, too. One way to look at it is that I take love very seriously … to my way of thinking, who doesn’t? But love has always been difficult – I’ve had lovers and I’ve had friends but never both in the same person. I am 54 and never married.

  23. Oh thank you for that treasure box, Elsa! Everyone has aspects that suck, that’s why we have them – to teach us lessons, which includes looking for the positive in them. Thanks for link.

  24. This is fantastic. And our last conversation really struck a chord, by the way. Very, very helpful. It is about time I get it right.

  25. Hi Elsa I would love to purchase Finding Love With Astrology. I tried to pay for it before but there was a problem. Would you send me a paypal link, or suggest how we get this report to me please.


    • Welcome, Lorraine. I’m sorry, but the class is hosted on Udemy. If there is a problem signing up for the class, please contact them. I’ve heard they are very responsive. I’m sure they can help you resolve the problem! :)


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