Denigrating Intelligence

I’m working on the newsletter, two weeks out. There will be a lot of focus on mental function at that time.

I routinely try contradict the way astrology discounts Mercury as if you can’t be destroyed via your thoughts. Mercury can take out Pluto in a nanosecond or less than a blink of an eye and I’ll give you an example.

When my husband was in the Air Force, 30 years ago, we had the capability to program a missile to hit an amazingly tiny target, on the other side of the world. Amazingly tiny. This ability was dependent on my husband’s (and his peers) math skills as a computer did not do the calculations necessary to achieve this at the time, a human did.

You can see how the power of a bomb (Pluto) is greatly diminished if no one has the mental skill to target it properly.  You might even manage to land the thing on your own soil. If that seems outrageous to you, my husband tells me it’s not all that uncommon to be in the middle of a war, get the coordinates wrong and call in a air strike on your own people.

It’s not just astrology that discounts mental function. Our society (US) has also convinced itself that thinking is not that big of deal, with concepts like “emotional intelligence”.

While I don’t deny that some are more emotionally sophisticated than others, I don’t think it’s a good idea to not develop you intellectual capability.  You just can’t expect to fare well, sitting in the middle of the road, being sensitive.

Did you hear about the two girls who lie down in the road to sunbathe? Apparently they fell asleep and were run over by a car.Or how the people who decide that bears are their friends and they like to be petted?

I am a big fan of brainy types and of common sense in general, but really, I think it’s important, if not imperative, that you develop all your functions the best you can. I don’t care what your chart is like, you’ve still got to think.

What do you think about your thinking?

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Denigrating Intelligence — 21 Comments

  1. Leonard Cohen lost his money to a shyster woman in Denver, which forced him to go on tour as an old man.

    People get themselves into debt that crushes them for years if not decades, because they just weren’t thinking…

  2. I agree with you. I think it’s important to develop all aspects of your mind. Each part is integral for function..emotional, intellectual, common sense (of which I have very little). Your husband had to have all 3 of these firing on all cylinders in the situation you described. Failure of one could have been disatorous.

    My mercury is in scorpio in the 9th house and Saturn in Gemini. It dissects everything. This is a double edged sword as somethings are just not meant to be cut apart because the answer is simple. For example, the person who takes an entire computer apart to fix it when it all it really needed was to be plugged in. I’m geared toward philosophy, the sciences, probing, paranoia, over optimism, psychology, reason’s “why” (which can be a big problem). Book smarts..I got em. The ability to stay calm in escalated situations–I’m good. But common sense? Street smarts? I’m a complete dumbass. Emotionally I’m incredibly immature (though improving) for my age. But, at least I’m level headed enough to realize these things know what I have to work on.

  3. I regards to computers, I may not be technically inclined but if I am too lazy to at least learn enough to try to communicate with those who are, I am going to be in world of hurt as there is just not going to be enough money in the world to get someone to work with a dumb-ass such as me. :)

  4. I have mercury in taurus opposing Pluto. Trine Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

    I must know everything about everything ( Virgo moon :) I like to dig very deep into whatever subject I’m interested at the moment. I usually spend a lot of time exploring one large thing that interests me than 20 small things even though I usually wind up searching for one thing and finding out many other things while I am at it!

    I do notice a lot less emphasis is put on mathematical skills. While I don’t think Math is for everyone it should be emphasized just as much as reading/writing skills! Writing isn’t always for everyone either it sucks the other alternative it not taught more :-/ I remember in highschool most of my math teachers didn’t really understand much of what they were teaching either. I actually am really good with numbers but have problems putting words into thought. It usually took me days to write a paper for school. My mercury is also retrograde so when I express an opinion I have to feel it first or sometimes I just don’t express it at all because I can’t out my thoughts into words others will understand.

    Common sense is a must balanced with emotional intelligence both are needed for both to function.

  5. I do see a “shunning” of intelligence and logic, in our society, and I get a lot of flack for using big words, having my degree, being well-read, etc. from my family, and in the workplace.

    Shrug. They all come running, when they need an answer. And I come running, when I need help moving big things.

    Working on my physical strength these days, as endurance, not quality of work, is *premium* in the workplace. Sigh. Can’t I just fix this, now, so we can all move on to other projects? No, you’re right. Better to spend dollars and manhours, than a dime in proper time and planning.

    I am hoping this will change, as workers are replaced with robots.

    Elsa, you are waaaaaay ahead of your generation, when it comes to computers. I have picked up some really key concepts from you, just by reading the blog. Then again, you’re not afraid of learning. Makes a difference!

  6. i am surprised at how many people believe that they are thinking when in fact they are being extremely emotional. self delusion is an amazing phenomenon that surprises me every time.

    i think a balance is important.
    but most surely err on the side of sensitivity and emotionalism.

  7. Wow! Thanks for this Elsa, I knew not to discount Mercury, but your story about the missles really puts things in perspective. I think you just blew (Pluto)my mind (Mercury)!

  8. How else would we otherwise know (in the middle of trying to meditate,)that we need to quiet our thoughts and still our minds unless Mercury catches us thinking that we’re being too analytical? The mental impulse needs to travel in the right direction before we call on our other planets.

  9. haha, definitely always getting my own mind blown when i read on here too, but isnt that sunbathing article a fake?

  10. My mercury is stronger than my moon. So I tend to think first and feel last. I have been puzzled by Mercury ruling both Gemini and Virgo, since my south node and IC is in Gemini, but I have pluto conj Jupiter in Virgo. I finally realized that Gemini is the messenger and Virgo is the scribe. My pluto/jupiter conj trines my natal sun and mercury, and yes, I do spend more time discerning the message then the message itself.

    Those who sit in the middle of the road get run over by cars going in both directions.

  11. Interesting! I’ve done a LOT of in-depth (Scorpio/Pluto) thinking (Mercury) on just this topic, having a 3x deposit of it in my chart (Mercury/Scorpio 1st, 8th Gemini Vertex, and now t.Pluto in 3rd).

    Some key phrases I’ve come up with regarding Mercury/Pluto connections are:

    investigative mind

    investigative technology — keyloggers, etc

    complex/deep/probing puzzles/thoughts

    sharp tongue

    strong and defensive boundaries with

    dark thoughts — and deep breaths

    life/death thoughts — and breath

    destructive/transforming thoughts/words

    secretive thoughts/words

    Feel free to add some to the list!

  12. Totally agree. Neptune transiting my 3rd house had me being woo-woo for a few years, but I’m glad my feet are back on the ground.

    I’m not the most clever or witty person but I’ve developed my critical thinking skills by being results-oriented and being able apply a concept outside of its usual context.

    I’m also not afraid to ask questions or advice from people who know more than me.

  13. I like to talk to people and to read people who MAKE ME THINK. Thanks Elsa!!! 😀 It’s a real gift. Thanks also to the Elsaelsa community and everyone here makes me think.


  14. I think maybe it’s called a “we’ll developed and coordinated Personality” – all aspects are important.

    A friend of mine once dated a guy who was in charge of a squadron of a-wacs. He was highly intelligent but was unable to form any kind of intimate relationship with anyone on the planet. Emotionally, he was sterile. And it was for this reason he was chosen as someone who could be trusted to ‘push the button’ if told.

    I didn’t like someone having that much power over Humanity when they had been such a failure when it came to forming any emotional bonds with any human being.

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