Heads Up – The Rest of December 2012 into January 2013 – Sea Change

It’s a weird time right now. We’ve got Jupiter in Gemini aspecting Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius, keeping people upbeat and giving.  Whatever pain or fear or anger may be brewing beneath the surface, the buoyancy in the air is palpable.

My own life can serve as an example.  Yesterday was the first anniversary of my mother’s death. We also got news on Wednesday night; another family member has been hospitalized and is near death. This stuff is heavy.  But it is not stopping me from singing Christmas songs as I bake for the holidays. It will not stop me from hosting dance party tonight,  for the kids in the neighborhood who are practicing for a quinceanero in February.

I think it’s important to enjoy this time as a shift down is coming. We have the full moon on December 28th, which seems foreboding to me.  But it’s January, 2013 that looks harsh.

In January there are numerous aspects which are concerning. In the first two weeks of the month, we have Mercury conjunct Pluto, square Uranus.  We have Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, squaring Uranus. We have Mars squaring Saturn (very harsh) and a stellium in Capricorn (reality).

I think this is going to be a difficult month for many.  There are a number of things looming, that could create problems, some of them severe, so it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to come up with some possibilities around what can happen.

There is the threat of the fiscal cliff for one, and the threat of longshoreman strike which will cripple the ports in the US from Maine to Texas. There are numerous new laws set to take effect and a fight about gun control that seems unavoidable to me.

Uranus is direct now, and chasing Pluto. The planets won’t square off exact until May 2013, but life is sure to be unsettled at this time.

As for coping with this, you’ve really just got to do the best you can.  Because of the focus on Saturn and Capricorn in January, working with Saturn in Scorpio will be key. If you want to learn more about how to do that, here’s a crash course in it, which will give you a solid idea what to expect, as well as numerous tips that should help you immensely – Saturn in Scorpio

What does January look like from your perspective.

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Heads Up – The Rest of December 2012 into January 2013 – Sea Change — 16 Comments

  1. Too early to tell, but I got an idea where it’s going. My hunch tells me it is venus ruled and it’s not about love. $$$$$$$$$$

  2. I’m looking forward to January, actually. All the Sag energy is actually fraying my nerves (Virgo Moon is Not Pleased).

    Cap/Saturn energy may not be the kindest thing, but it’s my bread and butter. I’m ready to buckle down, put my nose to the grindstone, and deal with some s***.

  3. “We have Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, squaring Uranus.” – well this should be fun… like an odd Ex parade marching in a completly wrong time, unanounced, unexpected.

    …and i KNOW Mars squere Saturn as one of the most violent, brutal aspects. This does not look like an easy month :/ I am looking forward to interpretations. the only thing i can say about this last one is that i don’t like to see it in synastry.

  4. I’m also looking forward to January! Uranus will move across my MC and finally stay in my 10th house for a few years, hopefully bring some changes into my life that I have been waiting for.

    Also, Chiron finally gets off my Moon. :-) I hope that will help relieve some of the heavy emotions I’ve been mired in.

    The rest of the year has lots of crazy Neptune and Pluto stuff going on – January might be the calm in the middle of the storm!

  5. I am sorry about your mother Elsa, and the other family member too, it got me thinking last night, your post on dealing with the show off the programme. It is the scariest thing ever. Something that makes me cry if I even think about it. I hope some day i will find that kind of wisdom and strenght in me. I hope that day will not come soon. I wish you all happy holidays. :) and I think having kids around helps you to stay above the water. Thank you for the insights this year. x

  6. @curious wanderer, same here; buckled down and ready (or think I am) for the STHTF. In the last week battled my mouthing off to the office control freak, so I know this area of mine needs to be on lock down as a start.

    Other thing that tipped me off of the energy to come is the awful night’s sleeps and weird pains/muscle aches I’ve been having for two weeks. Just foggy brained and short-tempered. Will work on that with everything I’ve got to not take that into the new year. Seriously, the mars/uran/plut t-square that began a few wks ago kicked my ass and had me in this war-monger mode. I should just toss any game-plan/strategy and just flow like the air and not fight anything to make it through what’s ahead. Hope we all get through it.

  7. I have a 4th house Capricorn Stellium. January 13th will find Venus conjunct Sun, Pluto conjunct Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Mars. Solar Return is December 26th. I will pay close attention and keep you posted. I don’t have a clue at the moment, but I am sure my intuition will kick in. Today is Venus Return, everything looks rosy at the moment.

  8. I think that’s kind of a jaded way of looking at it. For me, it’s helpful to think of things as lunations. We are currently still in the cycle initiated by the new moon in Sagittarius, and the astrological activity will follow suit until the completion of that cycle with the new moon in Capricorn. Did you make a wish to travel the world, or explore new territory mentally or physically on the 13th? Well the full moon on the 28th, sun/Pluto in cap opposing the cancer moon, is telling you that you need to make realistic choices to make your dream true, whether that means saying goodbye to your house to make a trip or amputating whatever emotional ties are preventing you from that journey. Capricorn energy makes Jupiter’s vision a reality, and the moon and emotional comfort(8th house from sagittarius) is what must be sacrificed or transformed in the process. So I think we are looking at an influx of Saturn/Uranus energy meant to make sudden changes(Uranus) to make your visions(Jupiter) a reality, at least until the new moon in Capricorn. I just got a job offer in another country today! It was a longstanding dream…

  9. Hmm, not sure what to make of what’s coming up. Pluto is trining my Venus and sextiling my Uranus, that’s one grace. :) The full moon will trine my natal Uranus and sextile Venus as well. Hoping this gives me a way to work with this full moon.

    I do know that, come January, I need to start training for the 5K in March. Time to get back in the game!!

  10. i have another surgery scheduled, for the second time in 10months. thankfully it’s a very simple operation and i won’t be put under. but saturn in scorpio much?

    i’m ready :) i can wield the saturnine disposition, and my dark sense of humor too, if need be…

  11. i’ll tell you this much – doctors LOVE me! i speak honestly, have a good memory, will rattle off all my symptoms, and am stoic and respectful and good-natured at hte right times! 😀

  12. (((elsa))))

    My January is looking awesome. My new job is amazing. I am SO LUCKY and I am taking this brass ring and running like hell!!

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