Daily Forecast: March 7, 2016 – Responsibility And Power

side mirrorMonday morning begins with an early conjunction of the Moon to Venus in Aquarius. It’s a great, positive boost to the mood, like rocket fuel! Let it propel you as far as you can take it. Good-hearted detachment and pleasant humanitarianism are a great base for the day. Appreciate the odd bit of whimsy that catches your approval and zings your heart. Don’t bother to save it for later; it may not last. Have it now!

Midday the Moon moves to Pisces, into conjunction with Mercury, and joins a stellium in the sign. The train of energies spreads out to 20 degrees: Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, Sun, Chiron. The Moon moves up past Mercury to Neptune by nighttime. Dreams will be strange and potent. Portentous. Some will find them overwhelming and ominous, but some will be enriched and full of wonder. It’s likely to be a mixture, really.

Initially, the early square of the Moon to Sagittarius Mars is a jolt to the mood. But it’s also a charge to the imagination and the mind. It lights the fuse.

Also, Saturn in mid-Sadge holds a square to the Sun. There are dams and obstacles in the stream. Expect to paddle around, maybe even get out and push-pull. Movement is hampered, but the issues are not impassible. Find another route or open up your mind to fresh solutions. If you don’t let your mind get bogged down with irritation, sometimes it will just come to you.

Frustration of circumstance is often when we try something we never would have tried… and then we have a new tool or procedure to add to our arsenal. How to push through? Take frequent breaks. Relax. Breathe. I hate when people tell me that. But it works.

All day the Sun moves closer into opposition with retrograde Jupiter in Virgo. The Sun exactly sextiles Pluto. Jupiter aspects Pluto and Uranus. When you feel pushed or stung… it’s likely to feel like the source is from someone else. Someone else is at fault. Someone else did something that made me… wait. Consider this: We can’t control someone else. I control me. Anything else is disempowering and doesn’t hold the seeds of a solution.

Solution to what? The meaning of one’s significance. Maybe. It looks different to everyone, the thing that needs a solution in your life.

Saturn squares both the Sun and Jupiter. Who has the responsibility? Whoever takes the responsibility also claims the power.

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Daily Forecast: March 7, 2016 – Responsibility And Power — 4 Comments

  1. That’s a lot of action in my 7th. And a lot opposite my first house planets. I want good things! Nice things! Dreamy, soft things! And a vacation. That’s a lot of wants so if I have to take what I can get, even if it’s in my mind, I will have to be ok with that.

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