Daily Forecast: March 24, 2015 – “If You’re Falling, Dive”

dashThursday morning the Libra Moon still holds palpable eclipse energy. It quincunxes Pisces Venus and sextiles Saturn as Venus moves to square Saturn. Want a solid, cheerful mood? Start the day believing in good things, in deserving sweet outcomes. Raise your heart above the minutia and believe in your reason to be glad down the road… and feel it now.

Venus forms a t-square with Saturn and Jupiter. We reach for the good things now but bump up against impediment. It’s the sort of arrangement that can be beneficial in the end as it weeds out desires of the moment from investments that will last. If you really want something and it’s worth having, it will keep. In fact, the intensification of that desire over time may be exactly what you need to acquire it.

As Aries Mercury trines Mars, get on up and out and lay the ground work. Plan the plan. Haul the bricks.

The Moon moves into a jam with Pluto and Uranus, so remember you’re looking at the long view. Fear and anxiety are only a problem if you dwell on one half of the story. Stay open to the next part and keep a handle on your good mood and your glad heart.

Joseph Campbell said: “If you’re falling, dive.” Feel your actual feelings. If they take you down, go down. But get back up again. Fall with style and get back up with dignity! The day favors fiery attitude and action and putting on a good spin on things.

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Daily Forecast: March 24, 2015 – “If You’re Falling, Dive” — 6 Comments

  1. I used to never dive, I’d get someone to define it for me and pacify me or tell me I’m normal and safe and not as bad as I think I am but then my Pluto transit happened.
    I found out that when I dive the emotions become undefinable and I am just bouncing into walls begging for help. I found that this was usually when I was resisting what the Pluto transit was telling me.
    Lately I’ve been eating a lot and I saw it was because I was bored irritated uncomforted and lonely. I had lost my hermit crab house on my back and my enthusiasm for the road ahead to bring excitement and rewards if I just keep walking.
    I become less emotional.
    The twin forces in my chart want excitement and safety. Crave to hide and be enveloped and then wander and come home to my emotions.
    I have nowhere to hide. I’m just this adult, this despicable emotionless adult who no one can make happy and no one is waiting for round the corner just cause it happens in movies
    I miss my little crab shell I miss a feeling of comfort and excitement come from hiding from reality and dreaming, this is what giddiness or happiness was for me for so long.
    Clearly I have to work for things.
    And take it one day at a time.

  2. I still don’t think diving into silent whirring emotions is smart. I need a pacifier and a confessor. I wrote to myself about it when nobody listened. But the feelings have to get out or they poison me.
    Moon mercury represent

  3. I was just reading something about how it doesnt make sense to take actions / make big decisions within one week of an eclipse because there is often more information to come within that time frame…? So I had that in mind reading this, and it def resonated for me extra, especially considering the situations unrolling in my life currently! Thanks for this.

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