Daily Forecast: March 1, 2016 – The Joke’s On Who?

peelTuesday morning the Sagittarius Moon moves into square with Neptune and the Sun, as the Pisces Sun heads into square with Saturn in Sadge. The mood and the mode clash. The energy is stop and go, advance and retreat. It’s the equivalent of hitting all the lights wrong. So don’t do that thing where you race ahead to get through the light… and get pulled over.

Fog out the irritation and commit to taking things as they come. Have you ever noticed how you end up at the same spot as the car who raced ahead of you and they maybe saved a whole minute? And they burned more gas doing it.

Mercury in Aquarius moves into square with Mars in Scorpio. Both are fixed, and Mars is already in its retrograde shadow. That means we will pass this way again. Mercury to Mars wants to go… FAST. In square it grinds gears or can mistime actions and communications. If you follow habitual reactions, you’re likely to face some frustration. Try a new way.

In fact, if you’re someone who normally takes the slow and steady route, you might want to zip it up a bit, keep up with the flow.

Venus sextile Saturn in Sadge favors being genially responsible to get ahead pleasantly. If something is worth having, it’s worth taking the time to make it enjoyable. That may mean reframing what you want in the moment. You can lay the groundwork for future fun.

Evening brings the Moon into conjunction with Saturn, trining Uranus, and eventually into sextile to Venus. Venus sextiles Uranus. Sadge Moon is not a fan of slowing down. Sadge mood is GO BIG. However, it knows a good thing and here it’s open to something new. Slow down and enjoy a different kind of good time.

The difference between being the one who slips on the banana peel and being the one who watches the funny scene unfold is… timing and control. Sudden reversals are funny when you’re watching rather than experiencing. So pay attention and slow down. Given the right perspective, or enough time, you may find the hilarity!

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