Daily Forecast: February 24, 2016 – Mars and Vesta: Tend the Fire

table settingWednesday morning the Virgo Moon sextiles Mars in Scorpio. Both quincunx Vesta in Aries. Opportunities arise to act in your own self interest – in ways that feel good, satisfying, and also serve others. The end result is a return to the core of what feeds YOU. Follow what feels good and act. Everyone wins.

Take that mood push as early as possible and keep moving with it. The Moon itself moves on past by midday, but Mars keeps cranking. You can get a lot done. Vesta is an odd one. It represents what we hold sacred, what we must tend to keep that inner fire alive. But over-focus on that flame smothers the passion. The Virgo Moon is a good reminder to share that action around. What’s your passion for if it can’t be of use to anyone but you? Put it to use.

By afternoon, the Moon moves from Virgo to Libra and into wide trine with Libra ruler Venus. Sharing feels even better. It fans the social flames that give rise to satisfaction in give and take. Take is good too! Just like with the fires of Vestal passion, everything fares better when put to use, given purpose. Libra follows Virgo as accepting follows giving. Both are necessary for healthful interactions! Give and receive, and be sociable.

The Sun moves closer to Neptune and the Venus Mercury conjunction widens. Venus makes a semi-sextile to Neptune, exactly 30 degrees apart. As the higher mind bounces around unbounded, a strong, sweet desire for the ineffable arises. You can let it make you sad for something you can’t quite grasp, but it feels far better if you look instead for something beautiful to hang that fragile beam of love on.

You can make that spark the core of your gift in service to others, service that renews the fire of your own spirit.

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