Cardinal T-Square: Venus, Uranus, Pluto: October 31 – November 4, 2012

People spar about their beliefs this week, as Mars in Sagittarius opposes Jupiter in Gemini. People just don’t want to hold contain their ideas and this seems productive to me. I admit, I may just be an optimist as the sky favors that right now.

Next week, Venus in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn as it opposed Uranus in Aries around 4-8 degrees. Unfortunately, Cancer will feel a lot of pressure from this.  The early degrees of Cancer are getting support for Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio, however I don’t think this sensitive sign has quite recovered from Saturn’s transit through Libra, so all Cancers get your hard shell ready, because a lot of the energy generated by this will flow in your direction.

For the rest of us, expect to suffer or enjoy or witness some triangulation in relationships. With Pluto and Uranus involved ex-lovers, I call them “corpses” may surface when you least expect it.  Venus in Libra is polite and social, so if you’re on a date and run into an ex, everyone is likely to be cordial…even if they’d like to throttle you.

We may see some anti-social stuff with this, but Venus in its own sign, along with Pluto in Capricorn enjoying mutual reception with Saturn in Scorpio, I do expect people to exercise some control in most cases.

Do you have planets from 4-8 degrees Cardinal?

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Cardinal T-Square: Venus, Uranus, Pluto: October 31 – November 4, 2012 — 23 Comments

  1. Well all of this will fall on my angles since i’m a Cancer ascendant. I’m also in my Saturn Return so dealing with my karma seems inevitable..

  2. Venus in my 5th House will touch Jupiter (11deg) and Uranus (3 deg)

    Uranus in my 11 th house will touch chiron (5 deg) and opposed by Uranus (3 deg)

    Pluto is in my 8th House, Mars at Sag (26 deg) ,

    I have a plan to buy a new car at that time frame. Elsa, do you think Venus & Jupiter in 5th house will help me?

    Not sure what disester Uranus will bring :(( Already sucked by Transiting Uranus and natal Uranus opposing each other clash (lost my 12 years old car).

  3. sona, I am sorry. I am a visual person so can’t judge something like that by words. But Venus and Jupiter together is pretty much guaranteed good, generally speaking.

  4. omg it’s my venus return! maybe i’ll meet my future exlover lol, or at least have some of the “good” corpses pop up

  5. I don’t! Holy crap if you can believe that. Jupiter/Pluto is at 2..missed by a hair. But, I’ve been wondering if there is some funky Pluto/Venus stuff going on all ready cuz the corpses are crawling out of the woodwork from everywhere.

  6. I have Venus in Cancer @ 5 degrees in the 7th house, so I wonder how this is going to play out for me. Elsa, when you say ‘triangulation in relationships’, you’re referring to love triangles, right?

  7. Oops, Venus will conjunct my North Node at 5 Libra on November 5th, also opposing my MC at 5 Aries! I’ll have to keep an eye on things at home and at work!

  8. Looks like that’s going to be on my Pluto/Moon/Mercury T square.

    I’ll get my shell back on, lol.

    I will be having several hundred children pass by my house on halloween, guess I better get ready to get egged!!

  9. My Jupiter is at 4 degrees Cancer. I’m not worried, it sounds interesting actually! LOL

    I do have a doctor’s appointment on one of the listed days so who knows how that will go.

  10. My moon is at 7 Cap, and Venus will be conjunct my Vertex. I’ve never had a corpse appear before and don’t expect one to this time, either.

    I’ve been feeling rather lonely as of late. Most likely I’ll be engaging in some power-pining. lol

  11. Interestingly, I just noticed Pluto will be exactly conjunct my moon for the very last time on Nov 4. *wipes sweat from brow*

    Looking at the t-square in combo, I think this may be a FINAL release of someone who I loved and lost (through his fear, not death) last year.

  12. I hope it won’t be as intense as the run up to the full Moon in Aries on September 29th. Fortunately, that tense event did push me to have a clearer idea of my wants and needs in terms of career.

    While the only Cancer planet I have is Chiron (6 degrees), the other early degree cardinal planets I have are Mars in Aries (8 degrees) and Neptune in Capricorn (7 degrees). So Venus in Libra is still going to square Chiron and Neptune. In addition, Venus in Libra is going to oppose Mars. Is this going to pressure me to reform the way I relate to others?

  13. Finally getting the knack of t squares…but, to be on safe sida (asc cancer, 12th), sun in cap, imma stay off deep waters just in case. The love triangle-angle could be sharp. And that’s the one thing this girl is Not ready for

  14. You’re bang on about not having recovered from the Saturn Libra transit. My house repairs are still underway and I’m still encountering delays. I have another contractor scheduled to work on Nov 1/2. When will this end? Is there any chance Venus will beautify this? (I’m 9 degrees Cancer.)

  15. I can feel this playing out at work right now. There is me (Libra) a co-worker who is training me (Capricorn) and our boss (unknown sign) ‘squaring off’. My co-worker is trying to show me the ropes but our boss keeps saying what he is showing me is wrong, but he’s the only person showing me! He is being spotlighted for his lack of knowledge right now (my co-worker) and it is uncomfortable for me! Plus, I don’t want to learn bad habits at my new job! Ugh…

  16. My crab shell was completely demolished by the cardinal crosses the passed 12 months, then saturn through 12th house confronted me with fears over and over and over and over…managing without it, not able to afford a new one, ahhh who needs it, this crab is choosing to transform into an anemone lol!

  17. It’s going to be my Venus Return shortly (8 Libra)… have already been slammed for a while due to the Uranus/Pluto square, in the cadent houses of my chart.

    Good thing I’m on vacation currently and am trying to use what energy I have on resolving some health issues/transportation issues.

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