Cardinal Grand Cross Today

The Moon is in Libra today, squaring the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, as it simultaneously squares Uranus in Aries and opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

Pay close attention because August, 2013 will be dominated by this energy which I’d characterize as “intractable”. (See details)

Note that Mars has moved into Cancer now, the sign of it’s detriment.  This is bound to heat things up, but it’s bound in another way too.

This is not Mars –  a fire running free. With Mars in aspect to a host of other planets, your actions will most definitely have consequences. Many, if not most of those consequences will be unexpected (Uranus) and potentially severe (Pluto).  Because of this, caution is called for.

Jupiter is involved here, so a person’s “story” can change in a blink.  That can mean a lottery win, but a person can suffer a loss of similar magnitude as well.

I am sorry for the tone of this, but we’re heading into a rough period.  If you’ll take the time to consider (Mercury) the broad (Jupiter) affects of your actions (Mars), this will go a long way.

Oddly, this makes me think of the streaking craze in 1970’s.  Things were a lot lighter back then. Things have changed, and we’ve just got to roll with it, even though I look at this sky and think “lockjaw”.

For the record, you can move ahead in the period. I sure intend to. But if you think you’re going to run on, unfettered, think again!

Dependency is a big theme here, mashed up against a drive for independence. To illustrate, consider the plight of an adult child who lives at home, due to need, but feels oppressed by the rules their parents impose. And  how do the parents feel? Not much better, would be my guess.

How is the Cardinal Grand Cross playing in your life?

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Cardinal Grand Cross Today — 34 Comments

  1. ” consider the plight of an adult child who lives at home”

    ITS FUNNY because August 1st is when I move back in with my parents :) And I won’t have a job so I will be completely 100% dependent on them, which is practically the worst thing ever to a quadruple Sag. My brother also recently moved home and doesnt have a job. My poor parents. They are going to tell me to clean my room or some bullshit like that and I am going to start throwing shit out of windows and screaming obscenities. I am a very firm beliver in both “my house my rules” and “NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO EVER.” It will be an interesting month.

  2. I do intend to proceed with caution today. I’m driving to a new place for educational purposes today. Compared to several years ago, the struggle to pursue my path while dealing with family legacy is less challenging than before, but it can at times be difficult.

  3. This theme is playing out in stepson’s life. His dependency issues reach very far back, and his idea of independence is trying to to get my husband (who he “loathes”) to pay his bills.

    I’m afraid he’s headed for a nasty fall, between t. Saturn, Uranus and Pluto squaring his personal planets. He can’t go on the way he has and not face any consequences.

  4. Given yesterday’s news, there’s definitely conflict coming.

    Interesting that this is also Bastille Day today.

  5. the aspects in August will be coming too close to my angles for comfort. Luckily, today is quiet, mellow and lovely.

    but the video really made me giggle. People aren’t so upset about by nakedness here, and you can often find people taking off (all) their clothes on the river banks near my apartment. So where does that leave me? If I wanted to go streaking, I think in the worst case I’d be invited to share someone;s beach blanket 😉

    but that sort of stymied, frustrated energy I can feel for sure. I have really had it with my job and it’s bound to come to a head soon. I just hope jupiter crossing my MC will give me a lift so I can out of there quick.

  6. hmmmmmm….I have realy neat astrology to share:
    lost my job- when saturn went retrograde. had no luck with finding work ’cause saturn also conjuncted my mars, and squared sun.
    saturn today on my south node- and transit mars in cardinal grand cross with my ascendant and mc, while libra moon on my vertex: SOOOOOO today I got new job!!!!!! back to open yet another restaurant- which I havent done since pluto moved into capricorn and conjuncted my mc at 0 capricorn……
    … gotta just love astrology :-)
    thanks for yet another great post elsa!!
    can’t wait for new site :-)

  7. p.s- what i meant to say is the big guys ( saturn and co) also bring new roads to travel, new mountains to climb….
    best wishes to all of you :-)

  8. I’ve been living with the family for a while now.. but I also lost my job two months ago. Surprisingly, I’m not feeling horribly downtrodden. Not that any of this is good, but at least it isn’t awful. I have a place to live. I can pay my bills. I get along with my family very well, and when I don’t we all know to stay away from each other. But i’m definitely feeling the tension of needing to push forward, but not knowing how or where to push.

  9. @rantares- I felt the same for 5 months- surprisingly Not worried…but no target in sight. then suddenly… everything works out- will for you too :-) sending mojo and good vibes your way!!
    good luck <3

  10. @rantares I’m feeling that same tension. It feels like I’m slowly being backed up against the wall.
    In the next couple of months I see myself being forced by circumstances to make some hard decisions. Everyone won’t be happy, but what can I do?

  11. yeah..sort of that tension…backed into a wall…like enough is enough…I’m not falling for these guilt trip ‘things’…not sure how to move at this moment…I feel as if I’m following more of my own will…but maybe there is a fear in acting on your will, because others might not see why. Hmm… that’s right blue_rose….everyone won’t be happy -though I guess it isn’t our job to make other people happy, especially if they’re not willing to change.
    hmmm how to move…how to move

  12. Yes, same sort of tension, change building and the pressure building. It crisped up into a specific shape a whole lot this weekend. I just can’t quite see the way forward, which scares me a little. But I can sense it may come together suddenly and things will be irrevocable.

  13. Its the people who are taking the shitty jobs who are more secure wtf??!!! So the kids live with them lol.
    I don’t want to take a shitty job and so I am applying to music schools to do film scoring and make connections.
    So anyway yeah I’m that pathetic adult you described living with her parents and it ain’t good for them either.
    Its driving me crazy! My friend is also in the same situation she has it worse but she has things going for her so I just hope we get out of this rut through education and connections.
    Luckily I was accepted already to one school but I’d have to live at home arrggghh..
    The other one I wouldn’t have to live at home and I haven’t applied yet.
    So anyway the latter has an internship placement course at the end of the program so I gotta do this one.
    If education fails I am going to get a shitty job and join a rock and roll that can take me places. I am really feeling what Elsa says.

  14. furiana, it’s the same energy. You opt out, because you don’t want to be locked in.
    The structure is still there, see?

    I have also opted out and away from people. I don’t want to be tied to them, or tied because of them.

    I choose a different challenge – thanks. :)

  15. Yeah.. It definitely helps taking action of some sort … I applied at a job!! Whohooo.. It’s nice to feel that self will being stronger for me.
    I live sort of at home (in a suite above my family’s garage).. But I don’t feel it’s any limitation or whatever.. Things take time as far pursuing the thing/ career/job or whatever you’d like to do I think..sometimes it appears that people think they’re failing themselves by not getting quite where they imagined themselves fast enough..I always trust that the best is always waiting for me and there is no

  16. i guess i should feel more “at home” perhaps, than other people since i have natal moon in libra, natal mars in cancer. I have a populated carpicorn so NO, im not likeing that.. but at least pluto is on my house 8.
    opposing to furiana, ive opted out of not being dependent on someone.
    Ive also realized someone made me open my eyes and see i was stuck and not following my dreams and ideals, especially about someone else.

  17. Yeah.. It definitely helps taking action of some sort … I applied at a job!! Whohooo.. It’s nice to have a greater sense of self will.
    But yeah.. Still quite tense :p

  18. Whoops didn’t realize that first one had been posted hah..
    The finish it: that there is no specific way of getting there.

    Though I don’t think my post had much err helpful information or any thin’.

    Yeah I’m definitely noticing this weird depency thing with other people underneath layers.

  19. there are plenty of ways to opt out. join a convent (if you like it), go to peace corp, do ameri corp, a live in nanny thingy, etc. But the wisest thing is to deal with the energy and calculate your steps. You don’t want to go headstrong out of some place just cause its not what you want. Calculating steps ensures that the man upstairs sees your patience, and diligence and your booty will be rewarded lol!

  20. A dear friend ,age 62, suffered a stroke and passed away this morning.Father in law critically ill. Husband cranky over business issues. Air conditioning leaked freon all over my house and made a strange haze which we breathed for 2 hours till we figured out what happened.I am a week behind in real estate classes and absolutely NOT GETTING the MATH! Wife of friend who died has disowned me because I shared the news with another mutual friend whom I did not know was on her shit list as of late.

    WHEN will this be over??????!

  21. Thank you for your comment that ‘ it isn’t our job to make other people happy especially when they won’t change’ – not that | expect others to change, but I have always expected of myself to make other people happy, as if it’s my duty (I have Saturn in Capricorn being sparked by this cross, and venus/mars conjunct in cappy close by..??!) and this struck me like a bolt – good old Uranus (ruling my sun). Mmmmmm a lot of thinking and acting from that to come methinks.

  22. sorry that was to Goldie – it didn’t seem to attach itself to their post as intended! though I did tap in there….

  23. ahhh no problem Janeliker! I feel the same way… I feel it’s very important as of late to remind myself that it is NOT my job to make others happy. No matter who it may be. Tis’ hard though ain’t it?


  24. Madeline- Don’t worry about “Not Getting The Math”, It’s horribly complicated in the course work but in the exam there are relatively few questions where it’s needed. You can either skip those questions or make a Best Guess!
    Good luck!

  25. These grandcrosses will be more significant for me as it lays atop my natal grand cross with things coming to shove next april.
    Natal mars – Capricorn 13 deg
    Natal sun – Aries 13 deg
    Natal Uranus – Libra 11 deg
    Natal moon – cancer 22 deg

    Things were set in motion when venus formed grand cross in june. Now it has come to a point of no return. Issues at workplace and close friends. I could turn a blind eye and just pull through. My gut feeling is that this is not what is required of me though. Universe wants to me initiate new beginnings in my life. I am ready for that too. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Let’s see how this turns out.

  26. Elsa, did the cardinal grand cross really heat up today? Cause holy crap, people around me were so tweaked today and I was a little jittery too.

    Could it be the shift of the moon from Cancer to Leo?

    I tend to be able to ground myself better than most thanks to my Virgo stellium. All around me though people were going OFF today! A lot of it was indeed about dependency issues.

    I have opted out of dependency. I choose another challenge, too! Life is a lot neater that way, and more peaceful.

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