Astrology Workshop: Surviving Uranus Square Pluto 2012-2015 – Come Join Us!

Uranus will square Pluto seven times between June 2012-2015. Astrologers agree this will be a tumultuous time of violent upheaval. If you have planets between 5 and and 18 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you will be particularly affected.

The dates the planets square off can be found here but this entire period will be colored by aspect which will invariably change many of our lives.

In the workshop, I’ll go into what it means and what you can expect when these planets square off. We’ll cover themes like sudden (Uranus in Aries) death (Pluto), shocking (Uranus) transformation (Pluto), liberation (Aries) from fear and pathology (Pluto in Capricorn) and much more.

I will also choose three charts from the class and use them to illustrate how these energies will impact individuals and I will offer numerous tips and tactics for dealing productively with this very powerful energy.

How much will the class cost?


When will the class start?

We’ll officially start on April 4th, when Mercury goes direct under the mutable t-square.  However, people who buy early will be able to access the Colosseum where the class will be held. The Colosseum is a private message board that is not indexed by Google and people love posting there!

How long will the class last?

6 weeks. We’ll finish on May 16, 2012

Will I be expected to participate… give my birth data or name?

If you would like to offer your chart to be used in the class you can. If you want to just lurk, you can. If you want to participate, reveal or conceal your identity, you can. All of this is up to you.

How do I submit my chart?

If you would like to toss your chart in the hat for the class please email the data (date, exact time and city) to along with whatever notes you want to make. Your notes can be brief as in one sentence or lengthy.

How will you choose which charts to use?

I want to cover as much as possible so I’ll be looking for good for a mix of charts that will surprise, entertain and teach. I want to avoid being repetitive, boring or too narrowly focused so I’ll be looking for an array of people in situations that cover a broad spectrum.

How can I increase my odds of being chosen?

Take the time to describe the outline your concerns. problem you’re having so that people can relate to you.  This is what engages people and makes them interested in you and in helping you. You plain birth data is not compelling! It’s also helpful if you include everything in one email.

When should I send my chart?

Once you have paid, you can send your chart at any time.  There is no rush.  These sessions are allowed to unfold, rather than being strictly controlled.

Do I have to be somewhere at a certain time?

No. The class is held on a private message board (The Colosseum). Once you’re in, you can go there at any time, day or night.

Will satori be adding pics?

Of course!

Will the class be good for beginners?

The class will be good for everyone but specific to beginners, satori will be on hand to answer questions and other people will help out as well.

Can we talk in class? Post our charts and ask for advice?

Absolutely. The posts for the class will be tacked to the top of the message board.  I  ask that people stay on topic when posting to those threads by restricting their comments to discussing the particular chart but outside of that, you’re welcome to post whatever you want, when you want. People do take full advantage of this. These sessions are invariably robust and satisfying.

I’m new. How do I get a username?

To get a username, go to the boards here:  Click “write a post” and you’ll be prompted to sign up.

Thanks all, see you there!

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Astrology Workshop: Surviving Uranus Square Pluto 2012-2015 – Come Join Us! — 13 Comments

  1. I can’t afford this right now (hopefully that deep change for me will be in the finanical and job area) but I love the dancing skeleton picture. :)

  2. I wont make this one, but it sounds great! With sun/merc in early cancer 9th, moon in early lib plus the work I do, I felt the need to get my deep dark emotional shit together in 2002, go underground or be hidden in plain sight and make sure I had worked on forming a sustainable philosophy before this hit, no doubt to me, I wouldnt have lived through it if I hadnt, probably would have lost my mind or been popped off by someone else who had, I know it came close alot anyway.

    So I agree with all those above, great and timely to be doing right now, would possibly have been lost by many due to all the chaos if done before now.


  3. Oh geez, my Uranus is at 7 37 Libra and it will oppose T Uranus in Aries starting this May…….
    I have $0 to offer for the class. :( Can I audit?
    (Pls disregard if sounding weird.)

  4. PS: Yes, this means T Pluto will square both my Natal Uranus in Libra (8th house) and T Uranus in Aries (2nd house). O_o

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