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I’m catching up with my newsletter post the holidays and Mercury’s retrograde period.

  • True, Lasting Love
  • The Presidential Inauguration
  • Picking Up The Gauntlet, Hurtling Towards The Future
  • About To Go Rogue

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Free Astrology Newsletter Via Email – Get Yours Here! — 10 Comments

  1. Elsa, do you think Fidel Castro’s death was influenced by the Venus/Pluto conjunction and Uranus/Jupiter opposition? The Tr Venus/Pluto in Capricorn was directly opposite his natal Cancer Pluto at the time of death. His death certainly will shake up the Cuban government.

  2. Let’s guess what Elsa’s cruelest combination will be!

    I’m going with Moon / Pluto. – the tenderest, most vulnerable / the toughest, meanest

    But it might be Moon/ Uranus – security and safety needs / total chaos and uncertainty

    Any other ideas?

  3. Hello aspire. I just wondering the same thing! and you turned it into a contest, cool. When you write Moon/Pluto is that an opposition or conjunction? I’m just a rookie, and no pun intended, but i’m dying to find out.

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