Astrology And Behavior

I asked people what they wanted to see on the blog. Julian asked about the relationship between astrology and behavior which is a great topic.

It’s commonly said in astrology circles, “The stars impel, they do not compel”. Various people are credited with saying this but “Marvel Brilliant” clarifies this in her article, “Marvel Brilliant tackles “Do the Stars Impel?”

“…No, to find out about this Impel vs. Compel business we must tum to Sir Francis Bacon, who in 1632 wrote that the “wiser astrologers (believe) that there is no fatal necessity in the stars, but that they rather incline than compel” (p. 351 in The Works of Francis Bacon, Vol. 4, edition of 1857, available on Google books). Note that he said “incline.” Somehow that was turned into “Impel” during the 20th century, no doubt by some rhyming astrologer…”

Personally, I think we have free will but some things are born determined.  Astrology is natural and I see it in that way.  I was born with dark hair. I can dye my hair but it will always grow out in the natural color.

I was born with Mars conjunct Mercury.  I may train myself to keep quiet but I will always express this energy. For example, I might drive slow and talk fast or drive fast and be quiet, but I am not likely to drive slow and not talk…unless my mind is racing.

That conjunction is in the (expanding) 9th house. I may quickly (Mars) write (Mercury) a run-on (9th house) sentence…or I’m might launch an over-the-top (9th) verbal (Mercury) attack (Mars). I have choices, the same way I do with my dark hair which can be worn long, short, curled, natural, up, down, or etc.

The planets don’t make me do anything. However, an impulse to speak up (and out) will always be there and if I do speak, it’s likely to Mars-flavored, masculine and cutting. If I do come up with some flowery, superficial speech, I am probably not going to be able to sustain it for long.  Let’s say I am going to call my child’s school and I don’t want to leave an impression.  That would be something I was aiming for (Mars) and I am sure I could get the edge out of voice in order to achieve my objective but if you keep on the phone for an hour or something, I am going to probably start swearing, challenging you or rushing you along as my nature shows itself.

How do you see the connection between astrology and behavior?

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Astrology And Behavior — 10 Comments

  1. I see the connection between astrology and behaviour just as you and Bacon have described it here. I have Jupiter conjunct Chiron in the 9th exactly sextile to Pluto in the 7th. So is it any wonder that I have a hard time being myself in marriage in a controlled manner? I just found out I have Lilith conjunct my Scorp mercury in the 10th. With Sun in Libra in the 9th, along with Neptune and Venus, and the sun exactly square Saturn in the 6th on 7th house cusp…my life is basically learning to relate in an intimate relationship. I used to have serious issues with both my parents as to my upbringing, but astrology has really helped me to at least become aware of them, so I can make a choice to either react in a knee jerk way or cool my jets to maintain the peace. Actually I got really good at cooling my jets, but that made me a doormat of sorts, and when the lid blew, at times, it was pretty raw and surprising to even me. My neptune in Libra in the 9th exactly inconjunct my moon in pisces in the 2nd hasn’t helped either. But what does help is understanding finally, through astrology, what makes me tick and why. I am in the process of owning all this, so I can make responsible choices from now on, in how I relate to partners, based on what I need and can tolerate in a relationship. Being brought up Catholic I was taught to be unselfish at all costs, and it has cost me dearly to try and live that way. I am so grateful for the amazing insights I receive daily from Elsa, Satori, and so many of the posters on this site.

  2. Great post. Astrology shows natural inclination and your best potential lies in embracing these tendencies and mastering them, not in pretending they don’t exist, nor in assuming they will guarantee certain outcomes.

  3. After I looked at my juno aspects, I needed to hear impel rather than compel today. Because no way to change on that one would be merciless.

    I do think astrology can provide awareness (or could ya tell) that allows me the opportunity to change behaviors and practice some of that there free will stuff people talk about.

  4. Astrology has helped me understand (and rationalize) why people do things different from how I do them, and in a way has assisted me in being more accepting of this fact. Yes, would love to learn more and look forward to your future blog posts :).

  5. I have used that quote many times. Thanks Elsa for the clarification.

    I agree with all above. Being very impressionable (Neptune sq Cancer Sun)I have found Astrology most helpful in separating out my own behaviour and projections from that of others.

    Because I tend to take responsibility for stuff that isn’t mine…(Mars Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio in 1st) I use Astrology to identify how I am behaving as well as what the hell the other person is doing…it helps me be more objective.

    It has probably saved my life (metaphorically speaking) at least a few times!!

    (And now I use Astrology to help other people understand their own behaviour. Very cool.)

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