Astrology Today: Thursday, March 6, 2014 – Sing!

bluebirdThursday morning the Moon in Taurus opposes Saturn and forms a wide t-square with Mercury. Perhaps the need for pleasure must be balanced by attending to responsibilities. But feel free to bitch about it. If you have mid to later degree Leo energy, that’s likely to be dramatic. Get down with your bad self. Don’t lose your job though, unless that’s your plan.

Midday the Moon quincunxes retrograde Mars in the other Venus ruled sign, Libra. It’s not a perfect fit, but with effort this energy can be refined into something usable. It’s perfect for the exaggerated polite snarkiness that brings comedy gold. Practice your dignified silly walks and brush up on your highbrow accent.

“But I don’t want to marry her, father. I just want to… SING!” “No, no, stop that, none of that!”
–Monty Python’s Holy Grail

Nighttime comes and the Moon moves into airy Gemini, trining Venus in Aquarius. What a lark! While your personal mood mileage may vary depending on your transits, the general mood has not been this light in AGES. Yeah baby! Saturn squares Gemini ruler Mercury, so expect someone, somewhere, or something to put the brakes on. Maybe it’s you, maybe you have things you “hafta”. But remember, even a caged bird can still sing. Sing for all you’re worth.


Astrology Today: Thursday, March 6, 2014 – Sing! — 10 Comments

  1. What is this intense bitchiness i’m feeling? that T square energy? i’m pissed off about stuff that is happening now in my own head, about stuff that happened for reels a long time ago. it’s plum cornfusing. i’d much rather be singing. maybe what I need to be singing is “sickness” by disturbed or some such. I don’t like this feeling. it is disturbing so this would fit. head banging anyone?

    • right on! thank you! I’m hoping the rage passes with the gemini moon (personally). I was kind of a loud bitch yesterday. which didn’t bother me any, but I probably shouldn’t make it a practice.

  2. @Satori (and Elsa),

    Ladies, what orbs do you feel are correct for the natal conjunction; square; opposition; and trine? Also what orbs for the same aspects by transit? Would love to know.

    Thank you.


  3. Rue the day I filed ‘compartmentalization’. What a nasty regurgitation of that one. For me it’s confined, claustraphobic. And I felt all broken up into pieces. I replaced compartmentalization with branching. I can branch. I;m growin branches. Word associations . . . what is with me on that.

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