Astrology Today: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 – Noticing

you rock, rockTuesday morning the Moon in Aries opposes Mars (its sign ruler) and squares Venus, a t-square in cardinal signs. This is a personal t-square in addition to the impersonal one going on in the collective, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter. The personal one is fleeting and therefore timely. If what you want and what you need are at odds, what are you going to do about it? Anything? Maybe not, maybe it needs more time and experience, but the question is timely.

Juno is at zero degrees Aries, the Aries point. This is the beginning of spring for a commitment cycle, in general. It’s a good time to notice what persists in your life, things you like and things you don’t. These are the things you commit to. It’s a good impersonal time to take inventory on what those things are. Any time a planet (or asteroid you follow) hits the Aries point, it’s a good time for an assessment or spring cleaning for the energies it represents.

Midday the Moon moves to Taurus and a trine to Pallas in Virgo. Patterns in how you respond to your feelings about what you need and want are right there on the surface to be analyzed. How do you feel about your personal pattern of responding to those feelings? Is it good for you? Does it feel healthy for you? Only you can know that. Again, it’s not necessarily the time for a change, but it is time to take note. We have to turn up all the right questions before we can answer them.

As the day wears on, the Moon moves into sextile with Neptune. What do you do with these sensations and observations? Do you unmask them, remask them… dream them up or down? There’s a not a right or wrong way, but there is YOUR way. That’s a good thing to know. Late night, early morning, the Moon sextiles Jupiter. There’s the opportunity to encode your results in your own philosophy of you!


Astrology Today: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 – Noticing — 5 Comments

  1. That explains my discontentment with my local town, I’ve been saying ” I got to get out of this town” like all day. Aries is in my 3rd house. And I’ve felt bad about not possessing a vehicle.

  2. Me too! I live in a tiny town during the week for work, and return home on the weekends – and I am so done with that!

  3. The sensation thing hit me weird last nite. I felt myself tanking a bit. But there was no reason for it. It’s probably trace from something I used to carry, but there is no basis for it in my present situation. No substance at all. Old patterns die hard? I have no clue what pinged it. So I just let it go.

    The only time I’ve heard of this was from a woman who went through an ugly divorce. She was uber stressed for a long time. And then the divorce was complete. She woke up in the morning and automatically felt that stress and then caught herself. It was over. The source of the stress was over. Re-calibrating?

    I really got sucked into the Ukraine thing. So I had to follow through and listen to a bunch of takes on it to get a better understanding, to take the edge off a very complicated situation. To hear only one opinion made it too cut and dry and horrendous. That’s mainstream media for ya, always stoking emotions.

  4. Just last night I said to a good friend “maybe I just need to stop pretending everything is ok and trying to force-of-will it to be so. Might be easier to contain if I were being honest about what I’m containing.”

    It’s a thought. :-)

  5. I kept repeating all morning ” what matters most?” Decided to skip work (Aries influence),self employed I have that freedom(Aquarius moon with Venus approach) to hangout with hubby. He magically got a weekday off to celebrate his Bday. I needed a mental health day(north node Pieces). We visited a botanical garden with butterflies galore. How metaphorical of patterns, transformation and the approaching Astrological New Year.

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