Weekend Love Forecast

spoonNormally I write this on Thursdays, but I found myself putting it off and putting it off… because I didn’t feel anything. Then I didn’t want to feel anything. Then I told myself, “I’ll wait for the Pisces Moon. That’s a feely time.” Now I feel too much. #picespeopleproblems.snort. Anyway, you can laugh at me; it’s allowed. It’s kind of like a video where someone gets repeatedly kicked in the crotch to a Stauss waltz.

Oh the feels! That’s the whole weekend till Sunday. Put that in your back pocket; that’s just how it is. We have Neptune, Sun, Chiron in the first half of Pisces and Juno at the end. The Moon traverses the whole dingety dang thing. The weekend is soggy with feels. That doesn’t mean anything one way or the other, though. Some people like things damp. Jupiter trines from Cancer and there is exalted comfort. It also keeps things elevated.

Friday night the Moon approaches the Sun, a new moon in Pisces. Mercury is direct on the midpoint of Venus and Chiron. Pay attention to the sensations that come through. There’s a lot to assimilate from the retrograde period. Notice it, but don’t hang onto it. It’s not a club to beat yourself with. It’s raw data.

It’s a Pisces new moon. Raw data gets converted to “a feeling”. Believe that your non-rational assimilation of the goods is, if not literally accurate, per se, the higher truth.

You’re looking for the kernel of truth that transcends rationality, the bit that you need to dream up into full being and set like a stone into the diadem of your year. This is higher love, higher love purpose. This is the new year of the part of you that is eternal. What is it that requires the renewal of your faith?

NOW, you look at this in the light of “date night”? This is a lovely, ephemeral energy to share with someone. And it infuses a spiritual purpose and meaning into the relationship. What are you going to dream up? What are you dreaming up together?

The new moon trines Jupiter and sextiles Pluto. That’s the earth and the sky, and Pisces knows no limits. Water always wins. Dream it up. Is is stressful, intense? Of course it is.

Mars and Venus square off through the weekend. That’s stressful. But it’s also a build up to climax. ::finger guns:: See that spoon up there? That’s a SEXY spoon.

Saturday evening the Moon trines Saturn. While sobering, this is also stabilizing and bracing. It’s a cool, deep dose of reality just when you need it. It also encodes permanence. You’re dreaming something up, something big. Here’s the chance to make it stick.

Newly retrograde Mars square Venus initiates a fresh approach to getting what you want. Stationary Saturn trine the Moon and Juno encodes what is, to be revisited later.

Sunday morning Saturn is officially retrograde and the Moon moves into Aries. Give your head a good ol’ Keanu shake. Like the Oracle said to Neo in the Matrix: Oh, don’t worry about it. As soon as you step outside that door, you’ll start feeling better. You’ll remember you don’t believe in any of this fate crap. You’re in control of your own life, remember?

Dream up what you need. Dream down what you don’t. “Fill what’s empty, empty what’s full; scratch where it itches.” –Dorothy Parker.


Weekend Love Forecast — 13 Comments

  1. I like listening to Pisces. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I really don’t mind what a Pisces says – (please – that does not mean I don’t respect your views or ideas) – I just like listening to a Pisces. There’s a Pisces note which transcends anything they have to say: the fact that a Pisces says it in a Pisces way is good enough for me. Sun in Virgo, obviously :)

  2. …Sun in Virgo here, too, and I know just what you mean, Medbh.

    And yes, I love Satori’s posts too, they really resonate. From Matrix to Dorothy Parker. Brilliant.

    • We can’t help it, can we, Village Girl? :) Opposite sign – they have a truth we can’t figure out. And we’re very, very good at figuring stuff out. The best. Pisces doesn’t know what figuring stuff out is – they just know stuff. That’s good for us Virgos. Springs our little logic traps.

      • “Pisces doesn’t know what figuring stuff out is – they just know stuff.” =D

        Well… we do figure it out, it’s just that our attention to detail lies in another realm & it’s invisible!

        When Pisces & Virgo energy works well together- pulls in the same direction? It’s the best ;)

  3. Thank you, Satori, from a fellow Pisces. Wishing you a happy Pisces New Moon and all the magic that you need- fairy blessings and unicorn inspiration!

  4. Normally, well alot of the time, I make new moon intentions. This new moon seems to have made them for me. How odd!

    I was wondering if this jam up of stationing forward, stationing direct stuff is kind of nullifying. Either which way, I am feeling more down to earth. And I had to chuckle at the ‘fate’ comment. All that sweating about ‘my purpose’ that people go through. Does there really have to be a reason? Glad jupe jupe jupiter is going direct direct direct.

  5. The air is moist and cool and there’s a smell of anticipation that there’s something Good already in existence & it’s for me & it’s coming right towards me & I’m in the right spot & it’s magic.

  6. I have a coworker that’s getting married this saturday I forecast a soggy wedding…lol ..Happy soggy of course

  7. “I’ll wait for the Pisces Moon. That’s a feely time.” Now I feel too much. #picespeopleproblems.snort. Anyway, you can laugh at me; it’s allowed. It’s kind of like a video where someone gets repeatedly kicked in the crotch to a Stauss waltz.”

    That damned waltz. I think I need a cup!

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