Astrology Today: February 27, 2014 – A Good Cookie

giraffe cookieThursday morning the Moon in mid-degree Aquarius hits the Pluto-Chiron midpoint and moves toward conjunction with retrograde Mercury. Feeling a little spacey, a little out of sorts? It’s a phase. It’s something to pass through and just keep an open mind and heart. Don’t grab onto any negativity. You don’t have to; it’s not necessary. Just observe, experience, and let it pass.

It’s possible to let the energy move through you and do its work without becoming attached to an emotional condition surrounding it. In fact, in this case, that’s how it works best.

Venus sextiles Saturn and squares Mars. Slow and steady wins the race. If you can, do it with love or a kind attitude. If you can’t? Do it anyway.

It’s not the best day to google your symptoms. It’s probably not a tumor anyway.

By evening the Moon squares Saturn and begins a trine to Mars. Things tend to feel a lot more settled if you’ve accomplished something. It’s possible to push back those anxious fears with some physical comforts. Have that cookie. You deserve it.

It’s Pisces season. Jedi wave away those doubts when they don’t serve you. Sometimes they’re just noise standing in the way of a good cookie.


Astrology Today: February 27, 2014 – A Good Cookie — 9 Comments

  1. Phew, thanks Satori! Just the boot up the bum I needed to remind me to let those negative thoughts keep on drifting through. And now, I’m off to the kitchen to have that cookie!!

  2. isn’t that always the way, I love when it happens too, I totally thought I was looking at a butterfly wing cookie, until I read the word “giraffe”, then it just popped out at me. and I literally thought, in my brain, “DUH”!!
    happens in life that way too, we miss so much, or misinterpret so much until someone says “nah, it’s this or that”. i’m going to be very aware of that today. Thanks Satori, and btw, did you make that cookie? if so, how? it looks good, all buttery & stuff, and I’ve never seen a giraffe cookie before.

  3. I love your writing style. Your Pisces Sun must speak to my Pisces Moon…”It’s not the best day to google your symptoms. It’s probably not a tumor anyway.” I mean how much clearer can you say it? It’s a mole hill not the Rockies for Pete’s sake.

  4. thank you!! that is Nem’s hand and Nem’s cookie! I assume it is a Barnum’s animal cracker. with some sort of instragram color filter. I have permission to use her instagram pics for my blogs! sometimes I give her assignments. :)

  5. Haha I felt so aimless today, but decided in the afternoon to just be happy and take it as a surprise holiday. I can get stuff done tomorrow.

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