Astrology Today: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 – Satisfaction

you rock, rockTuesday morning the Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto to align with the cardinal t-square. This is tough and emotionally intense, but it’s also galvanizing. It brings focus to corrosion and the forces within and without that are trying to break free and move toward the future. This can only happen after you address the rot in your foundation. This influence is in effect to varying degrees every month at this moon. Are you getting the message?

The Saturn-rich message will repeat till you get it.

Saturn itself sextiles Venus. Good can come out of this. Don’t focus on the stress. Work at creating the conditions where you gain a benefit. Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius. This frees up the collective mind to reorganize thought patterns in flashy, new ways. Take advantage.

Juno quincunxes Mars, Pisces to Libra. The current Pisces fog makes it difficult to commit to action and when committed, it’s not always easy to see what should be done. However, the urge to work in partnership is strong and THAT is a valuable thing. Keep at it.

As the day moves forward the Moon moves quickly out of the stressful square and into applying conjunction with Venus (and sextile with sign ruler Saturn). There’s opportunity to take pleasure and satisfaction from what you DO have, what you’ve already accomplished, and to allow that to fill your tank. Do you have all your limbs? Have you slapped anyone today? Yes? No? Good on ya. Good job. Take pride in that.


Astrology Today: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 – Satisfaction — 10 Comments

  1. Happy birthday Satori! And to me, mine is the 25th!! I hear you about ‘good on ya’ if I haven’t slapped anyone yet, cause I’m thisclose lol

  2. Yes, I’ve been addressing the rot in my foundation. I know exactly what it is. It is deep. It’s not what you think. My birthday was Sunday. Feb 23. I have a Capricorn moon too. Am feeling terse right now. But terseness… I associate with clarity. Lack of muddying verbosity. So I’ll take it. I’ll go with it. Onward, forward, it’s all about me. In a good way. My connection with the Divine is the only thing I can really count on. To thread me through this life & on into the next. So… on “we” go, in this partnership. Aho.

  3. “The Saturn-rich message will repeat till you get it…”

    Oh I get it! Every time this Moon comes around though, it takes another chunk out of me. I give, it takes… & takes me further down. I don’t know what’s going to be left of me by the time this merciless crap eases. I’m striving & getting nowhere really fast, watching little pieces of me get eaten away… it’s like acid. Was my Bday yesterday & I don’t want to even think about my Solar return chart.

    If indeed it is your Birthday today Ms. Satori I think, most of all, I wish you peace… & ease… & some semblance of comfort/ normality, with doughnuts on top ;) <3

  4. I definitely have the urge to slap lots of people, or just want to scream sometimes… since weeks, actually… and so I always get new reasons to do it all over again… and I don’t seem to learn from all this, I should let things, people, situations go… yesterday was my 42nd birthday, maybe it’s getting better :-)

  5. I also am a birthday girl today… 32 years on this fantastically scary and wonderful planet!

    Seems like things are getting choppy out there… Hold on, fishies!!!

  6. Happy bday Mel, Satori, Melinda and Blue!. An ex turned good friend brought me, by surprise, the best gift (a telescope). turned 42 today. Cheeers to you all!! Pisces rock.

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