Weekend Love Forecast

RodIt’s the first weekend of Pisces season! Welcome to the Fuzz Bowl! It’s the time when someone can reach right into your chest and squoze your heart. You may end up crying for no reason at all, but in the end it will feel like it was the right thing for the moment. Crying eats up stress hormones, you know. There is a point to it. It washes away the damage from the pain. Unlike Scorpio transformation, you’re being healed and you don’t even know it’s happening.

So when you add in the Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn on Friday night, the conditions are ripe for a serious address, from above and below. A tree is nourished from its roots and the canopy. What you take in to yourself affects you, but whatever you take in is also transformed into something that is new and part of you. It is in this way that you are a special part of the world. It is in this way that you create something precious and unique that you can share with the world.

Friday night is alchemical. Who and what you choose to put into the mix affects you like the nourishment to the tree. Put the people and the activities in that will mix with your own energies well, will make something the world and you need! For some people this is a party in the snow. For others its a movie under a blanket. Whether your blanket is stars or synthetic down (hello allergies!), what you make is exactly what the universe needs. And however you fuel up? Do it.

All weekend Saturn trines Juno and Juno quincunxes Mars. Eschew any stirrings of sexual jealousy. Take it higher. Protect the relationship with deeply responsible love and commitment over time. There’s always time later if it turns out you really do need to freak out for some reason. For now, work on maintaining a pleasant, working rapport in your relationships. Try to cross those bridges before you blow them up. It should be an easier task under this influence. And it’s an opportunity, personally, if you struggle with jealousy or possessiveness. Petulance is not the answer, not in the long run.


Saturday night the Moon is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. All of a sudden, people don’t want to be so watery anymore. They want to jump around and explore. When I say people, I mean in general. There are also plenty of people, you may be one of them, who just want to lie down with a cool cloth over their eyes. So… I’m just sayin’.

The Moon squares the Sun-Neptune conjunction and it quincunxes sign-ruler Jupiter. You’re likely to get a stick in the spokes. It also trines Uranus. If you just meander and follow the crowd, that stick is likely to send you over the handlebars into some nettles. If you bust a move and go disco awesome, that same motion can see you landing in fine form with a funky flair and a James Brown OW! In other words, go big or go home. And going home is fine too, if that’s your thing. Go big with your cat or something.

It’s an inflated mood. Go for the controlled landing. Hey baby baby baby baby baby… Sadge can be charming in their jolly impetuousness, particularly out of the blue like this. Take a page from that book and do some active charming.

As the evening wears on, the Moon squares Chiron. If you get a twinge of self consciousness, remember no one can love the real you if you don’t show them who that is. Part of a Jupiter mood is taking a chance. Take a chance!

What are your weekend plans?


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