Knowledge Is Power! Guide to Navigating the Cardinal Clash & Eclipses – March-April, 2014

spring flowersI’m going on an extended vacation with my family, my first in ten years!  I won’t be available for consultations for several weeks during this very tense period.

The whole period is so dicey, I decided offer a guide to cover this time. I’ve been working on this behind the scenes It’s ready to go!

The guide begins with an overview. I then break it down into smaller chunks that cover specifics. These topics are covered:

March 1, 2014 – New Moon in Pisces & Mars Retrograde
March 5, 2014 – Venus Enters Aquarius
March 6, 2014 – Jupiter Turns Direct
March 10, 2014 – Mercury Square Saturn
March 16, 2014 – Full Moon in Virgo
March 17, 2014 – Mercury in Pisces
March 20, 2014 – Sun in Aries
March 22, 2014 – Mercury Conjunct Neptune
March 29, 2014 – Venus Square Saturn
April 1-3 2013 – Sun Meets the Cardinal T-Square
April 4, 2014 – Venus in Pisces
April 7 – Mercury Enters Aries
April 10, 2014 – Cardinal Grand Cross… Until Mid-May
April 14-15, 2014 – Lunar Eclipse in Libra, Pluto Retrograde, Mercury Conjunct Uranus, Square Pluto and Opposite Mars
April 22-23, 2014 – Cardinal Grand Cross @ 13 degrees
April 29, 2014 – Solar Eclipse in Taurus

The guide is written in my storytelling style. It will help you see the big picture and keep perspective through this truly exciting and historic period.  It’s serious and tragic in places, but it’s also funny. I prefer to be entertained by life!

People often tell me they wish they had my newsletters or blog posts further in advance.  I understand why. It helps with planning and it gives them an edge. But it’s hard for me to manage that. These guides are perfect to fill that gap.

If you want a solid advantage as we head into this epic storm – Knowledge Is Power is now available for download!


Knowledge Is Power! Guide to Navigating the Cardinal Clash & Eclipses – March-April, 2014 — 34 Comments

    • Welcome, Holly, I am sorry you’re having trouble! The page seems to be working on my end. You might try clearing your cookies and then hold down the shift key and refresh the page.
      Alternately, I am happy to fill your order manually. Just paypal $15 to and note that you want “Knowledge is Power”. :)


  1. Hi,

    No rush. please feel better first! when you do please send me the knowledge is power manually as it wouldn’t download for me.

    sending healing energy your way>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. so the grand cross has jupiter and pluto conj my nodes, exact at 13 cancer/cap. jupiter, my natal chart ruler, is conj my NN in cancer in my 7H. pluto conj my SN in cap in my 1H. my natal mars is also at 12 libra in my 9H and saturn at 15 libra in my 9H (close to my 18 libra MC) so this will be mars return round 2, retrograde. for me, i feel like this whole grand square craziness thats gone on for the past few years affecting my 1, 2, 3, and 9 houses, has been about me transforming a relationship in my life and letting go of the old patterns (pluto conj SN) and watching as the transformation allows for there to be abundance and positive progress in where my relationship is going in the future (jupiter conj NN in 7H). mars in my 9H and the grand cross hitting my mars return while mars is rx shows going back over spiritual (9H) development and communicating (uranus in aries in 3H) spirituality in my relationship as being a vital part of the picture. maybe even understanding the astrology of it all! when uranus hits 18 aries it will conj my IC, and my 4/10 houses will be affected along with 1/7.
    the gemini’s moon is 12 libra and his uranus is 14 libra, so his emotions will certainly be involved… and with uranus in the picture, i guess it could involve a surprising or unpredicatble change… his chiron is 16 aries and his progressed moon will be 18 aries, while his progressed sun will be at 12 degrees cancer.
    my progressed venus will also be conjunct my NN in cancer at 13 degrees. and this is all right around Easter… death and resurrection. what pluto is all about.

  3. You must take a vacation! As a Virgo sun, with masses of Virgo in my chart, I know how easy it is to keep on working on and on without looking up or adding up the endless time. I know the 80 hours, seven day weeks. Work is fun! Captivating! Look, I can do MORE! But you have to refill the jug of energy, so to speak after you pour so much out. Go refill. My husband makes me take vacations; my life abroad taught me the value of slowing down and looking at life and breathing. For yourself and your own life and spirit, and family, refresh yourself. Thank you for all you do.

    • Clearly, you have it from other sources (Virgo behavior), but I just thought I’d point this out…

      The Sun Sign is not your personality, or identity.

      First off, you are your entire chart. The entire thing. All of it.

      Second off, the Sun is the Planet of Fifth House/Leo things… Sex… Sexuality… Production… Reproduction… Parenting… Etc.
      The Planet of self/identity is Mars.
      Professional astrologers of con artist horoscope crud have really pulled one over peoples’ eyes. As they all tell us that the Sun, Moon, and/or our Ascendants define us, and that looking at their little horoscopes will mean something as long as it’s one of those Signs from in our personal Natal charts.
      Nope. It’s a crock of bull. And, those are not real astrologers.

      I like the… horoscopes… Those are real, they’re how the Transits touch on your Natal chart. The overall chart.
      But, it only covers things they feel they have a good grasp of, and says how they personally interpret things, and ignores most Transits happening at any given time. So, it is not a complete picture, and it is not perfect.
      It’s also really nice not being assumed almost every day to have a significant other, job, etc. of stupid things that horoscope “astrologers” assume we all have.

      What Virgo Sun says… Things like that you might find it sexy to dress up like a slave, or servant in the bedroom. ;) And, that you might be prone to serving your kids (and pets), and to trying to make sure they have good habits. I’m not joking. It speaks of our sexuality, and parenting.
      Virgo might Rule my Ascendant, Sun, and Pallas… But, nothing else. So, to me… Yeah, people think I’m Virgo-like, because my Ascendant, but they’re wrong. So, I’ll hear things from people who don’t know me very well about how… Neat, and/or hard-working, etc. I am. And, it’s completely ridiculous. LoL I like cleanliness, and I do work hard when I work on something, etc. But, it’s not at all like they think, and say. It just doesn’t match. My overall chart features most of the Zodiac. And, my Mars Sign is Capricorn, which might be similar to Virgo as an Earth Sign, but it is not the same. So, since I’ve grown up, learned much about myself, and about astrology… It’s… Someone saying from nowhere that I’m a neat freak… It’s like saying the sun is pink, and water is blood red. It just doesn’t make sense. I mean… They might as well be dubbed schizophrenic it’s so out of touch. But, Virgo is my Ascendant, so this is how the masses choose to see me, and what they want me to think of myself, and it limits what I can, and cannot do in my life, regardless of how well, or poorly it matches my person.
      Joke’s on them. I’m not serving them (Virgo), I’m ruling them (Capricorn). LoL

  4. Seirektsu,

    In my experience, I’ve found, more than anything, Virgo’s are really critical people. Perfectionist’s actually. And that sounds a lot like your diatribe.

    But you’re right a lot of people on this blog focus only on one transit and I think that’s wrong, you have to take the whole chart into consideration, even when Saturn or whatever planet or asteroid or star, makes a conjunction or square or biquintile or Yod or septile which activates one area of your chart.

    With the Grand Cross everyone will be affected individually according to the chart and collectively, according to the chart of the country that’s having the problem. What sucks with squares is that they are really hard and there’s no way out except, perhaps, spiritually – to me it’s karmic payback. Everything is. When I approach it with that attitude – I deal better with squares.

    But, I digress, my main point is that I agree, partially, with what you said meaning the whole chart must always be taken into affect. But all the Virgo you have on the Asc and elsewhere, is how people perceive you. It’s not you. The placement of the Sun, however, is.

    That’s my p.o.v. And, yes, there are charlatans, astrologers who don’t know what they’re talking about – but Elsa is not among them. Actually her precision is what stands out for me. Same with Satori.

  5. Hi Elsa I am having a problem downloading the file. It says I’ve reached my limit of downloading the file. I tried to view it on my iPhone *mistake*, and would rather view it on my kindle. Is there any way I can access it again. I didn’t get to read the file & it’s now lost on my iPhone. Help please! Thank you .

    • eliza, I can’t answer that, this is the Internet – I will be robbed!

      I am going to do the best I can as far as content, but there will definitely be less of it. I will try to make the content count.

      Really, there is nothing else I can do. It’s been close to 12 years since I had a week off. A person just has to have a break.

      Other people can keep this place lively if they like (the forum and comments and such). The canvass is here – people can paint on it. :)

  6. I just ordered the guide because the Cardinal Grand Cross is hitting my chart in a major way (and Uranus and Pluto have been for a while).

    Enjoy your vacation, Elsa, you’ve definitely earned it!

  7. Cardinal Grand Cross….can’t wait:P. Pluto and Jupiter will be squaring my ASC, Uranus will make opposition to it, Mars on ASC. I know now, what could mean Pluto on ASC in my Solar Return for 2013/2014:)

  8. Elsa, I was pretty amazed at the amount of info that you provided for March and April and the Grand Cardinal Cross! I love your candor. This is a great navigational tool to see what way the wind will be a blowin’. I’ve got a copy at work and at home to remind me. Sun sign Cancer and Libra ascendant. These last several years have been quite the ride to say the least.

  9. LOL, trying to feel the love for Virgo here! Of course, you are you whole chart and there is no such thing as a pure Sun Sign-type, but as Elsa says: You live your Sun. It’s still a core energy, no matter how much you might prefer to identify with with your Moon, Mars, Venus, Ceres, Pallas, Lilith, placings or the aspects.
    It’s sad to hear a Sun Virgo rushing to say “Of course I’m much more in touch with my Scorpio moon – please do regard me as an honorary Scorpio”, or “I have so many planets in Libra, I’m really Venusian, y’know.” Virgo isn’t about checking your underpants for skid-marks or sneering at your bad grammar or filling in endless time-sheets: I blame Linda Goodman for her “Good Secretary ” view of Virgo, though I know she meant her best as a Triple Aries. :) Virgo is the most misunderstood and under-valued Sun Sign and believe me it is not about picking up your mess for you and then criticising you for making it. That’s to rate yourself far too highly in the Virgo scheme of affairs :)

  10. thank you, Medbh! I do know everything in our charts affects us, and do read the dailies not tabloid junk horoscopes. I don’t view Virgo as a chilly secretary with a bun and a mop and need to file everything. But I stand by what I said about feeling like a very hardworking Virgo not least because every Virgo I know is the one working late and responsible for keeping the lights on, the strategy analyzed, the soup cooked. We also have wicked senses of humor, can see through walls too. I have planets in Libra and Scorpio and squares and conjunctions that would make you blink. I am not a classic tabloid Virgo but I’ve read enough and learned enough from an astrologer friend to feel my river runs thru that part of town. So sue me! Lol.

    • Ps — Sun, Mercury, Mars, Pluto, and Ascendant in Virgo here. Among other things, and yes a pile-up of squares to contend with. I do not feel trapped or compelled by this. I am just saying, I feel flavored by the Virgo in my chart.

      • Lol, villagegirl, work is what we do know about it :) Unsung, unappreciated and under-paid, more often than not! Fact is, if someone threw a party for us to celebrate our work, we’d probably run out the door – that’s what we’re like. The quiet word, the silent acknowledgment is much more our style. However from time to time a Virgo has to put his/her foot down and remind the showier signs that “it’s not all about YOU, you know.” We were born knowing it’s not about us. Love reading your posts BTW :)

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