Astrology Today: Thursday, February 20, 2014 – Shimmer

North by NorthwestThursday morning the Moon in Scorpio trines the Sun Neptune conjunction in Pisces. It’s possible to work some easy, transformative magic in setting the mood for your day. Not only can you cloak yourself in an aura you devise, but you can impact how others view you. It has to jibe with an inner energy you can relate to, but if you really commit, you can manage to make it work.

Belief has layers. Once you convince yourself, others are a cinch.

As the day progresses, the Moon moves into a grand trine in water with Jupiter and Chiron. By afternoon that trine become a kite with the inclusion of Moon sign ruler Pluto. That’s a lot of power on a deep moon. Scorpio Moon can take it. Transformation and transmutation is its strong point. It can go deep without crumpling. Take advantage and go where it takes you. See what you turn up. Travel inside, learn and teach.

Capricorn Venus sextiles Scorpio Saturn. There’s opportunity for a lasting transformation, and for getting the goodies.


Astrology Today: Thursday, February 20, 2014 – Shimmer — 9 Comments

  1. LOVE the picture, Eve Marie Saint,North by Northwest. I’ll cloak myself in that illuminating beauty any day. I’ll pretend I’m her for one day. Can you tell, . I’m a huge Hitchcock fan.

    • I watched it again on tv the other night. I love that movie. I own a copy, but I like watching it on TCM even better. feels like I’m watching with a whole theater (everyone else in their homes watching).

  2. I paid attention to yesterday’s post Satori. I used a gentle smile when I could have been justly rude to someone who has been getting my goat for weeks (and using Venus in Capricorn to do it). I woke up today with a clear conscious which is an awesome thing to have.

  3. It’s my birthday today. In Solar return chart I have Scorpio Moon zero degrees. I’m guessing year will be transformative in some way.

  4. lasting transformation sounds good :-) Venus is in my 1st house and since the Pluto-Venus conjunction I can easily lose weight and stick to a healthy diet (Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon, Sagittarius Rising)

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