Astrology Today: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 – A Secret

I mustache youWednesday morning the Moon in Libra moves toward conjunction with Mars. Do you want to take action? Move to balance. Act with grace. You can be powerful and still genteel. In fact, if you believe the fables, which I do, gentle power is the most persuasive.

By afternoon the Moon passes over Mars. This can bring irritation, it can. Or you can make a game out of it. Get all Eliza Doolittle on it and be your very best lady or gentleman. Is it an act? Yes, so what? No one’s forcing you. Unless someone’s shoving you into a locker, you’re in charge of yourself. Your choice!

Long ago I discovered the most amazing secret, and I will tell you. When you want to flip someone off? Put on a big smile and wave happily instead, a big, friendly wave! Nothing confuses and pisses people off quite so much as friendliness when rage is more appropriate. It will get their goat. I once had someone follow me, shaking their fist in anger for that. It was super. I just kept smiling and waving back. But don’t pull over, not everyone is as witty as reasonable as you. It’s Pisces season. Let them wonder.

By late evening/nighttime, the Moon slips into Scorpio and Venus just touches orb of a sextile to Saturn, again, after all these weeks. The mood deepens, not necessarily darkens, but maybe. Your mileage will vary. The Moon trines Neptune so that’s foggy, but it’s also trine the Sun: predisposed to a lighter expression. It can be half-lidded, eyebrow-raised dreaminess, but at the very least it’s a shift away from the confrontational, receding and enticing. Venus and Saturn bring the opportunity to anchor a benefit.


Astrology Today: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 – A Secret — 11 Comments

  1. Many years ago…36 to be exact…I was attack emotionally and very personally…my attacker laughed at me. She told me that she could take all that was mine but I told her I will destroy you with kindness. I became quiet. I smiled shyly. I was listened to. She is now long lost and no where to be found. And I am here.

    Take that Dana H.

  2. I’ve used that technique before and it works!! They can’t force you into the reaction they want. It’s vexing to see someone joyful and unfazed when they darn well ought to be mad, ha ha. But the real question is how can a girl draw a silly moustache on her face yet look oddly sexy? Don’t tell me it’s provocative. Ok, it probably is, but it’s weird, too.

  3. Brilliant….I love doing this and this was a great reminder. I just did this yesterday and today with some ever-snaggy clients and they are stopped cold like gazing astonished deer….whhhaaaaaaat? I am being so gentle and they are melting, melting…..

    Thanks again, Satori!

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