Astrology Today: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 – Dreams

fear of shallow livingTuesday morning the Moon in Libra opposes Uranus and squares the Pluto Jupiter opposition, a cardinal t-square. This is not new news. We should be getting more and more familiar with this kind of tense, controlling and volatile energy. The mood is polite, perhaps even pleasant, but dynamic and a veneer for the deeper, electric, bigger picture. We’re getting trained up. People who explode under this influence likely wish to. Keep that in mind. Is that what you want? Maybe you need to. Go ahead, but keep it under control. It’s possible, a controlled reaction.

Saturn is in the latter part of its Scorpio transit. We’re beginning to realize there are consequences when we indulge our shadowy side. That doesn’t mean we don’t do it. It means we choose. Saturn trines Juno in Pisces exact today. Responsibility and commitment are highlighted and go well together. In water signs they’re juicy and chock full of sexy, fated undertones. Retrograde Mercury moves back to square Saturn. Perhaps there’s news?

Later in the day, the Moon moves toward a square with Capricorn Venus and the Sun moves into Pisces. This puts the Sun close to sign ruler Neptune. Wants and needs have a hard time fitting in the same space. It’s hard to keep a handle on both at once. However, with the shift into Neptunian waters, if you just relax and let the edges blur, you can find a way to somehow make that all right. Transcend. Free your mind and your body will follow.

The shift into Pisces/Neptune is a great influence for dreaming. Sweet dreams!


Astrology Today: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 – Dreams — 10 Comments

  1. For those who care, this might be a useful table of transits to know for end of February, and all of March.

    February 28 – Mercury turns Direct
    March 1 – A tough New Moon 3am EST at 10 Pisces
    March 1 – Mars turns Retrograde in Libra
    March 2 – Saturn turns Retrograde
    March 6 – Jupiter turns Direct
    March 16 – Full Moon at 26 Virgo-Pisces at 1:09pm EDT
    March 20 – Spring Equinox at 12:58pm EDT
    March 30 – New Moon at 9 Aries at 2:46pm EDT

  2. “Saturn is in the latter part of its Scorpio transit. We’re beginning to realize there are consequences when we indulge our shadowy side. That doesn’t mean we don’t do it. It means we choose…” It’s true the choosing to explode is sometimes what needs doing. I appreciate how you put the bits and bobs together for this translation using all the principles in a practice:) And the photo … amalgam! Are those bottles of nail polish behind that phone?:))

  3. When I thought of a controlled explosion I thought of a scene in The Holiday. Iris decides it’s time to stand up to Jasper and tell the prick off, and she does so in a very classy, dignified way. She’s clearly channeling the confident, spirited Hollywood ladies of another era. LOL

  4. Can anyone shed some light on a Neptune transit am having right on my Midheaven in opposition to my North Node, Uranus, Mars and Pluto- a stellium of sorts? NN and Uranus are in Leo and Mars and Pluto are in Virgo.

    Neptune activates my grand trine kite formation, but I’ve been feeling so lost and so out of it, that am not sure this is a good thing. Am thinking all the trines I have has made me weak for this particular sky we’re having with so many planets in Air, Fire, and Earth in opposition to my Jupiter Sun conjunction by transit. I’d go on with Saturn, but that’s a another story altogether.


    • I would put this in the forum for more hits sorry I don’t know the answer. Oppositions and Neptune leave me confused as it is.

  5. With Pluto in earth and Jupiter in water it feels like a deep underground well I springing up, bringing with it any crusted shame into the light of day. The moon conjunct my Neptune this morning, Uranus illuminating truths of my roots in the dreamy space between waking and sleeping. Lovely

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