Weekend Love Forecast- Valentine Edition

valentine jaguarThe Moon is full in Leo just before date time in the earliest US time zone. Let’s face it though, full Moon in Leo lasts all day, possibly days. DRAMA. Did you forget to get a valentine for your sweetie? Oh HONEY. I’d give you a hug but I’m holding her bag while she spray paints your car.

There are two t-squares in the sky. This is not the day to make a point. About anything. Unless they’re making a point and you’re agreeing. It’s a super big deal. And it’s not. Remember this, unless someone’s on fire (in which case, put them out)… shhhhhh. It’s okay. It’s going to be fine. Breathe. In the end, good, bad, things even out. Libra Mars for the rest of forever will see to that. Don’t sweat it. Find refuge from Leo drama in Uranus chillaxin’. Space out.

Retrograde Mercury conjuncts the Sun and Saturn squares the full moon axis. Don’t say stuff you’ll have trouble living down later. Assume you’re going to eat your words: Make them sweet. The ramifications are long lasting. The Sun-Mercury/Saturn square lasts all weekend, so keep it up.

Mars is in good aspect, in Libra. So be kind and move to balance.

The other t-square lasts all weekend and is more background tension. Jupiter opposes Pluto and both square Uranus. Same old stress that’s been brewing for a while now… but we have Venus conjunct Pluto and moving away from its influence. It’s time to contemplate the aftermath of the Venus retrograde of the last few months. It’s time to start sorting out what you want, what your love life is going to look like, going forward.

Late Friday, early Saturday, the Moon goes into Virgo and the mood becomes more cerebral. I’d say practical, but that’s not a given. Neptune opposes that Moon. Many will ache to wish it all away. Some will be trying to hold someone’s nose in it. Use your smarts and don’t do either. Transcend and keep an open mind, a magical but rational mood. Strike the middle ground between critical and flighty and the mood will ease.

But even so? Never rule out the possibility of bliss. There’s always possible bliss in the forecast with the Moon and Neptune in aspect.

Saturday night the Moon sextiles Jupiter and quincunxes Uranus. It also opposes Chiron. Don’t let down your guard on keeping a measured mood. There’s optimism and upbeat energy available and the ability to zap yourself into the mood you choose. As the night goes forward, the Moon moves toward trine with Pluto and Venus, earth to earth. Look for the upside and enjoy the pleasures of the body.

Sunday morning the Moon trines Venus. Do be a brick and make a nice, healthy, sexy breakfast if there’s someone in your bed.

By Sunday evening the Moon moves into sextile with Saturn and the opportunity for emotional stability is present. The Moon still retains the pleasant trine to Venus. It’s a great time to shake off whatever doesn’t work and get moving on figuring out what does.

What are your weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast- Valentine Edition — 27 Comments

  1. Satori,

    Pisces Sun (emotional), Capricorn Moon (rough on women – and the Cancer Moon is in it’s opposite sign – yikes!) It must be tough on you emotionally lately b/c of the Grand Cross and Pluto in Capricorn.

    But you know how to hide pain well. Leo rising (loves attention) saves you quite a bit. A fire rising ruled by the Sun is pretty powerful and you can depend on it during hard times. Which are familiar to you – growing up with this dynamic.

    Have you done your Solar Arc or Progressed chart? A lot of planets and the rising might have moved a great deal giving you new perspective. Have someone check it out. Or go to Astrodienst.com and see what your chart looks like for free. Happy V-day.


    a Cancer Sun with a Pisces Moon and a Gemini Rising. (A heavily different life experience than yours – am certain. lol.)

  2. This post made me laugh! – especially the first paragraph – and then it made me smile. Thank you, Satori! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  3. this full moon conjuncts my natal jupiter 1st and then a few hours later at exact full moon it conjucnts my natal pluto..my husband told me tonight he felt pressured into buying me valentines gifts tomorrow..when I said “why, I dont want anything” he said oh yes you do..If I dont buy you something then you will tell all your friends I’m a jerk..even putting it on facebook. I said no I wouldnt ,but he wont believe me. do you think I even want anything from him now?…I think he invented all that so I would respond with “forget it, I dont want anything now!”

  4. “Libra Mars for the rest of forever” Right?!

    I don’t even want to think about the astrology, I’m just going to commit right now to being as pleasant and agreeable as possible. Agreeable’s hard for me, I have so much Cap & Virgo, plus Sun/Mars, so I’m a Know-It-All. Tr. Saturn in my 3rd is my friend. Saturn put your arm around my shoulders and your hand on my mouth. ;)

    It’s just not worth the aggro. I have a three day weekend coming, and I want to coast into it, not skid.

  5. ” Oh HONEY. I’d give you a hug but I’m holding her bag while she spray paints your car.”
    *snickers* that was my favourite sentence!!!

    3 shifts at work, relaxing with my sister, and shopping: warm coat, grips for my boots (it is SOOOOO icy!), and yarn.

    I am usually blissfully unaware of Valentine’s Day, some women I know are doing Gallantine’s Day, is this a real thing for other people?!?! I have never heard of it! I don’t understand the benefit of it and have no desire to participate: if you are not in a couple then chill out and just leave a day for the people that are and go on with your life type of thing…
    (7H Moon)

  6. Fantastic insight and oh did I chuckle…I am a Libra Mars (and Saturn, and Neptune and Venus). No one can balance on one foot like me. Oh please be one of my many Valentine’s (I mentioned all that Libra right…can never make up my mind!)

  7. Okay, I have to say something with all these Mars in Libra people unhappily contemplating this planet’s position. You are not alone. These are your brethren with the same Mars in the same sign and look at the impact they’ve had in the world. (Meaning you can too.)

    Mars in Libra include Abraham Lincoln, Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Edgar Allen Poe, Bill Gates, John Lennon, Roman Polanski, Dalai Lama XIV, Elvis Presley, Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini, Robert Plant, Michael Douglas, and Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela.

    I mean, you couldn’t ask for a better line-up. This is the Superbowl of this Mars placement.

    So curious wanderer, I hope this makes you feel better. Even though Mars is in it’s detriment in Libra, it’s still nicer than Mars in a fire sign which to me, a water sign, would be unbearable.

    Plus, you have to look at your progressed chart against your natal chart. Mars might have progressed to Scorpio already and then some. It just started in Libra for you, but Elsa says we’re burdened by a heavily karmic sky right now. Not fun. But there are life lessons to be learned while you’re still here on earth with the planets the way they are. Think of it as a cleansing of the soul. Your next lives will be stellar for going through this.

    The girl with Mars and Venus in Libra – is saved as well. Venus is in it’s home sign in Libra, so you must be very beautiful in one way or another. Am interested to hear more.

    Now Watergal, am a guy too, but this husband thinks more about what other people think, including you, more than anything else. I gather if his Mercury is in Leo, his Asc must be Leo too? Leo’s are big show-off’s. More than anything, they want to be seen and heard. Your answers to him seemed honest and true, so don’t be swayed by his manipulation. A famous Leo, among millions, is Madonna. She lived and prob. still lives in that ambitious limelight she basks in and I bet she cares more about her image than she lets on. Hello!

    Haven’t done the rest of your charts or have enough info to go more in depth. But stick by your guns guys. You are who G*d or the Universe intended you to be in this life and you must love yourselves for that, including your flaws. You’re all originals. How cool is that? Name one person who is perfectly perfect in every way – the only one who comes to mind is Mary Poppins. And that’s a fictional character. I mean, please! Get real.

    Read Elsa’s blog and believe it wholeheartedly! Her accuracy is bang on! Amazing astrologer.

    Regardless, I wish every single one of you a Happy Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, spoil yourself. If you have a husband or wife or significant other, shower them with love. That’s the best present you can give to anyone. Leave the material world behind.

    The best present I ever got in my entire life was a poem. Now that to me is the real spirit behind this day. I cherish it and will cherish it forever.


  8. Yay!!! SO COOL& in a lovely dress. Thanks for posting that Satori. I couldn’t make out what she replied when he asked her to marry him. Mmm… didn’t sound like a resounding “Yes” though! =D

    • it was something along the lines of “I like you a lot, Zach, but I thought we were just going to sing the song.” they’re inseparable, twinlike, cutie friends!

    • Oh! Thanks… I was curious & I couldn’t work out if it was part of their act or not. They did well in front of all those people, nice!

  9. Well, I gave ST a tongue-in-cheek card and he was, umm, mildly amused.
    Then I gave him his Reese’s chocolate heart to eat and all was forgiven, I think. LOL He’s a Taurus and speaks in chocolate.

    He’s been irritated the past couple of days by the fact that his presents are coming to me later than he’d hoped. Hello, Winter Storm Pax!! Ice wins. I got my flowers tonight but he’s miffed that the other gift didn’t come with it (apparently, they were supposed to come together??). Oh well, I told him we’re under a tense full moon and drama is to be expected. Whatcha gonna do?

  10. No valentine this year.
    Saturn told me to take a deep breath, smile sincerely, honestly forgive him and resolve to just go get my own treat.
    Virgo then reminded me that a very practical treat would be to replace the ancient microwave that finally upped its protest level to spitting sparks and flame. [he's been coming up with various reasons and excuses to not replace it for a few weeks now. uh-un. its my V-day prize]

    Sure it was tempting to hop up on ol’ Butt-Sore and take him for a gallop, but you know what?…
    It is 6 months and counting in the hurt locker here with no end in sight. The stress, deprivation and upset is routinely raw and awful. Yet we do pretty damn well at getting up and over and through it–Together. Its not lost on me that these are the days that split couples and partners apart irrevocably. But here we are, united and strong in our love for each other and our family.

    Every day with my man is a valentine.
    Plus? Free pass to finally replace the damn microwave.

  11. Thank you Meenakshi. You made my day.

    Am so embarrassed I even read Satori’s chart. She most likely knows much more about a chart than I do. I only realized she wrote on this blog along with Elsa. LOL. Sorry Satori! I’d love you to read my chart someday.

    Am going through THE toughest time in this incarnation. Am a cancer with a 10 degree Sun. My Jupiter is Rx natally and so weak that the conj. to the Sun is not helping anything. The squares in the Grand Cross and the opposition to my Sun from Pluto is the worst of the worst. Not to mention Uranus’ squares. Suffice to say, my chart is a Grand Trine with a kite formation. But maybe am paying for my two Yod’s. Ick. Ick. Ick.

    Hanging on by a thread.


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