Astrology Today: Thursday, February 13, 2014 – What’s Your Plan, Stan?

lion vintage valentineThere are people who bemoan Valentine’s Day. I am not among them. So many of the reasons I see to dislike the holiday seem to me like letting someone else define what has value for you. It means to you whatever it means to you, but that’s your choice. There’s no “them” shoving anything down anyone’s throat. Well, not anymore than anything else. No thank you, Bob Dylan, I do not want a Chrysler. And that’s okay!

You’re free to have whatever attitude you wish about it. And it’s not like you need my permission. But if you have someone in your life, someone who matters to you, and they’d like something for Valentine’s Day? This is not a hill to die on. Mars is in Libra, Venus-ruled Libra, for the holiday and a whole long time surrounding that. It’s give and take in the give and take. That sounds all kinds of hearts and flowers, but it can be a little skewed about being straightforward. It can also be very controlling and prone to projection. Take care you don’t just automatically treat the other person the way you’d like to be treated. Because in reality that can really suck.

People have their own ways they want to be treated and those ways show in their chart! Look at their Moon, their Venus, the ruler of their 7th house (5th and 8th as well, for that matter). Even Mercury says plenty about their personal style. Look at the Mars and rising for what suits them physically.

Thursday morning is not too late to plan a treat for people who are special. In fact, with the Moon in Leo, moving from a trine to Uranus to a quincunx to Pluto and Venus, a mood of sunny generosity can defuse much of the tension built during this prolonged cardinal square and Venus retrograde (no longer in effect).

Retrograde Mercury has just moved back into Aquarius. With its sign ruler in trine to the Moon, things you’ve observed in the past, pop into mind! You don’t have to spend a nickel to be kind and thoughtful. Fold up your last movie tickets, cut them into hearts and tape them to the bathroom mirror. What I think people want most is an indication that they matter. Making an effort to make it personal does just that.

If you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, what are your plans this year? What was your most memorable Valentine?


Astrology Today: Thursday, February 13, 2014 – What’s Your Plan, Stan? — 12 Comments

  1. I never do anything about Valentine’s Day, but this Friday has two events of some importance for me: 1) the start of a Scottish fiddle music retreat in the N. California wine country, and 2) en route to the retreat, a job interview for a position I want/am qualified for, and for which I would be happy to move, if I get the offer. I am trying to stay unattached to the outcome, of course…

  2. I like to celebrate it all the time, or whenever the mood strikes, not just one day out of the year because commercialism says, hey this is the day. Besides, I’ve got a lot of cancer in my chart and invariably Feb. 14th is not a “stellar time” for me. Of course, there are tons of other holidays that I do enjoy, commercialism and all :)

    • As in, “Christmas, the Greatest Season of the Mall”? I’m going to have a Red Velvet cake and remember the last Valentine’s Day I had with the man of my life. He didn’t live long enough for another Valentine’s day, but he was hell bent on giving me a cake and a card on our last one together. We laughed about how when we were children in grade school, and made mail boxes to deliver those little cards to one another, and we called it “balentimes day”. Every kid got a cared; everyone got some recognition that day, and we had to sign them. We laughed about how as children we said “will you be my balentimes?” Not valentine, but “balentimes”. As children, we gave love to everyone on that day. I wish you love.

  3. I like Valentines Day. Being a server I always work but still like to do something special. If I am in a relationship I love to give chocolates, flowers, red silk boxers, candles, etc.. Nothing super expensive. And when I’m not in a relationship I will treat myself to chocolates and flowers.
    2 years ago the guy I’d been with for 7 months told me less than 2 days before Valentines that he “didn’t do” V. Day. I had already bought him a card and chocolates. I threw out the card and ate the chocolate. Needless to say the relationship did not last.

  4. Taking a longtime gal pal who has been thru a death of an ex husband to the Wolf sanctuary to hike and tour….
    Hope its very healing for her.

  5. Picked up a nice card and a small box of chocolates for my honey. Not doing anything Valentines night, but going out to a cozy favorite place Saturday night. Most happily for this Leo Ascendant/Moon, I’m getting my hair done on Saturday morning!

  6. I think I came across harsher than I realized in my first post. It was not meant to come across as saying that I do not participate. I do and I do much for those I love & around me at this time of year. Just that it usually takes more of an effort, due to challenging stellar aspects, but I give all the same. If I had my way, I’d take late Jan/early Feb off, just for me. But then, the sun is running thru my 8th house most of that time, so private time makes sense,

  7. A beautiful post Satori
    “You don’t have to spend a nickel to be kind and thoughtful…….What I think people want most is an indication that they matter.” <—— going to quote this allll the time. I hope you dont mind :)

  8. Apparently I’m just a crank today. And I’m married and he gave me truffles this morning. I’m not even making anything special…bought a roast chicken for dinner so I didn’t have to cook. I’m still like valentines…grrrrr. I’m blaming it on all that stuff hitting my natal aquarius sun/venus and leo moon.

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