Astrology Today: Monday, February 10, 2014 – Dreamy Moon

Moon loveMonday morning the Moon in early Cancer trines Neptune and retrograde Mercury in Pisces. In a vacuum, this is dreamy-blissful to the core. But really? Nothing happens in a vacuum. In a vacuum this is flights of fancy where you take the events up to the moment and magically transform your perspective to facilitate emotional satisfaction. In real life people have competing transits. So how do you interpret this personally? Well I’ll tell you…

This is going to sound like a shill but it’s not. You break down your cheap-ass tendencies (I have them too, I’m not pointing any fingers!), navigate to the top of the page and buy personalized transit reports from Elsa. The reason being, if you don’t know astrology well enough to parse this for yourself? You can at least read what I wrote above and note “oh hey, Neptune is squaring my moon, maybe it won’t be as shiny for me as for the general public.” And then you would be right. It’s the next best thing to getting a personal consult.

Also, if I mention the Moon (or Venus or whatever) in stressful aspect to something, in challenge, and you see in your transits that it is making a good aspect to something in your chart? It will be simpler for you to squeeze the goodness out of it. And worthwhile for you to try!

As the day wears on, the Moon moves toward Jupiter and its t-square with Pluto and Uranus. The Moon will first square Uranus which can bring up anxiety. It can also manifest in something as benign as flightiness, or as delightful and artistic surprise. In any case, the Moon is cardinal! You can control your mood. The first rush may be out of your control but what you do with it matters. It also helps that Neptune and Mercury trine! Perception is malleable. Make it lovely! Soft! Cancer Moon-ey.

If you should be feeling challenged today, feed yourself with comfort food or beautiful thoughts… or both! I have poptarts.


Astrology Today: Monday, February 10, 2014 – Dreamy Moon — 12 Comments

  1. oh god, Neptune is finally leaving the square to my moon forever. People should get a report because that transit was fascinating yet harrowing. Not saying anyone is gonna experience that transit but I didn’t know it was coming and didn’t know the spirit world was literally gonna come knocking on my door and didn’t know I had met my twin flame which is a whole other nightmare. Jupiter is gonna save my ass in the summer, it always has.

      • hi wonderingheights, it was a nightmare because literally in one night I began seeing through my third eye which was great seeing spirits floating around with my eyes shut but with that came the bad spirits and psychic attacks. I was unprepared for that and made going to bed every night very nerve racking because I didn’t what was gonna happen good or bad until I learned to protect myself. Spirits are very clever. and the better I protected myself the more tricky they became so it was an ongoing battle, kind of still is.
        About the twinflame thing, it completely sucks. lol. I would have rather not have met her. She ran away out of fear twice. I’ve been in nothing but turmoil for the last 4 years which is what triggered the whole psychic awakening in the first place. That’s how deeply the flame thing affects you. I’m telling you, you will think about your flame every single day and it never wavers no matter how many years go by. They say the runner goes through hell but I have no idea. So that’s why it’s a fuckin’ nightmare. lol

        • Interesting. Going through something as well, pretty close to your experience. Triggered by the “twin flame” thing. I’ve been the one opening “figurative” doors, waiting patiently for this person to walk through, but this person seems scared or stagnant. I don’t know what else to do, can’t force them.
          About the psychic stuff (also triggered by meeting the other person), I found a few words that I repeat to myself over and over when I’m, as I like to say “going under”. It helps tremendously.
          Honestly I can’t imagine 4 years! Mine has only been one, and we’ve just recently gotten the communication going. Still at the baby step stage, still waiting….and waiting…and waiting….
          How did you know she is your twin flame? Where did you meet and what have your experiences been thus far with the spirit world?

          • honestly I didn’t even know twinflames existed until 4 years ago. I met her in the classic unexpected twinflame scenario which was at my crappy job and she was the successful professional woman who was a frequent customer. I was intrigued by her but I had no idea that there was such a powerful connection. It doesn’t always hit you right away. It’s complex so I’ll fast forward to June 2010 when she came back to my work to find me after politely running away 6 months earlier. At that point I still didn’t know the power of the connection but that changed the day she came to reconnect. That was the day of the big Jupiter/Uranus conjunction right smack on our composite node and Chiron, I believe. And personally it was my Venus return day and juno return day, plus other transits. So that’s when the connection went off the charts, like a lightning bolt came down. She in fact seemed to have electricity running through her. It was crazy. lol. So a few days later she completely changed, going from adoring me to being enraged at me. She is an emotionally controlled person but her emotions were now explosive toward me. I caused all the buried stuff in her to surface and she did the same to me. I wasn’t ready for this type of relationship admittedly but I am now since it forced me to work on myself. And so she completely stopped all contact. I did the typical “find somebody else” thing but that didn’t work. You can’t escape it. lol. It has taken me this long to finally wrap my mind around the fact that this is my twinflame, through intuition and charts. And you realize that fact more and more as time goes on as opposed to it fading. How did you meet your twin?

          • I forgot to mention that she is going through the same Neptune square moon transit oddly enough. So just go on with your life and let the chips fall where they may.
            About the spirit world, wow, that is also complex to answer. But like I said I began seeing spirits, some just balls of light, others in the shape of an orthodox cross. Some spirits would communicate to me visually using photographs and one used a tombstone with dates on it which I couldn’t quite make out. Others would come in audibly. I’ve woken up in the middle of a conversation with a dead relative but the connection would fade once I woke up. i once had my cellphone picked up and the flashlight shined in my third eye. A lot of times I would see a bright image of my cellphone spinning around when a spirit was trying to get through to me but never made the connection. if I was on a certain plane I could hear the sound of plasma which is the energy an entity uses to change worlds which sounded like a sheet of tin foil being being shaken and then the entity would either hold me down or bellow in a sort of eerie divine tone to fuck with my head and it worked. lol.
            Also when I would reach a certain plane, a bad entity would trick me by telling me I should place my light outside where it’s dark and the second I bought into it I would let down my protection and I could feel their energy plow through me. They will use whatever it takes to trick you into removing your white light of protection, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. I know it all sounds crazy but it’s all true. A few times I sat up in bed in the middle of the night and thought to myself, I am so fucked. haha

        • I wanted to reply to your last two replies but am not allowed apparently :( Interesting, I didn’t know that there was a “typical twinflame” scenario. Honestly I’m not even what’s going on, but whatever it is is frightening but exciting. Like it has to happen. When we first started communicating, it wasn’t even verbal. I could hear his voice clear as if through a megaphone in my head….a blessing and a curse (since he can be quite judgemental and grouchy). I’m honestly scared crapless about it because I’m sure he can hear me…and I’m a lusty (and jealous) person (Scorp lady, Cappy Mars)…not going to lie. I’ve also been through a lot in my life, gathered experiences and am currently discovering ownership of this life (sparked by our actual meeting). When we first met, I accidentally let him see “Me”…he was scared but intrigued. I guess what I found interesting is that he didn’t run. I see him in dreams (have since last year). I’ve been the one making the moves towards friendship (as well as running away), and he’s the one throwing every childish move he has at me (trying to make me jealous, giving me lusty eyeballs, ignoring me, bringing in his friend to check me out, etc). Everyone says he’s not the One and to stop, but all I do is say hi, nothing more. I treat him as I would want to be treated. I have invited him to join me in class outside of where we usually see each other (which he hasn’t come to yet, and I’ve called him out on his flakey-ness). Unfortunately we’re at a stalemate: I am opening the door for an actual connection, and am waiting for him to step through. I’m going to call him out on his bs (his childishness, selfishness) and I’m not going to pull him forward, he has to do his part, and he’s frightened about that. Not sure if this will fade out or move forward, all I know is that I’ve done my best and refuse to budge if I’m not getting the work in return.
          I do want this to go forward, but need equal respect and courage.

          In regards to the spirit world: It is wonderful and full of messages and magic. I am fully enjoying this discovery and having my eyes and heart opened. There are so many good ones around us, helping us. Make sure to hold your boundaries against the dark ones and you’ll be fine.
          It sounds like you’re in for a wild ride!
          Do you and your twinflame still talk? Will you go back? What happens now? Has she stopped running.

          • well, most of the spirit world stuff has tapered off, thank god. lol. At least I think. That can change in one second though.
            But no, we don’t talk at all. Actually I saw her at the mall about 6 months ago. She was looking the other way so I walked away and pretended to be on my cell. lol. But without even having to turn around, I knew she saw me because I could feel all this energy pour over me strongly so I kept walking like 60 feet or something and turned around and she whipped her head away as she had been watching me the whole time. She thinks I didn’t see her.
            haha As far as what happens now, I’m totally open to meeting somebody I have a connection with. Certainly not gonna wait around as I simply haven’t met anybody yet.

  2. The early cancer moon is not normally my favorite, as I’m an early cappy moon, it’s just not as ‘at home’ as when it’s around the wheel, for me. BUT.. it’s sitting on my sun, that’s been getting this lovely trine from Neptune for the last 8months and I’m just enjoying the bliss out it :)
    I’m all for the poptarts, but if I’m having good aspects , it means others are not, so I made a Triple Layer, Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Cake, it’s for the school auction this week, but if we need it, I can always make another ;)

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