Weekend Love Forecast

Louise Brooks Mercury may be newly retrograde this weekend, but Venus is moving forward nicely. Venus and Juno go forward together in sextile. While the texts and emails may be jumbled, we’re starting to see the detangling of the recent Venus retro. Whatever popped up then (December 22 to February 1) in the love department was on a different wavelength than the energy that usually presents itself. Now is the time these things are either forgotten or sorted out.

All weekend Venus sextiles Juno, from Capricorn to Pisces. When you include the sign rulers (in trine, a double whammy), this gives us the energy of Venus and Neptune, love and higher love, and Saturn and Juno, two different types of commitment. Juno tends to have a sexual component that Saturn doesn’t share. The sextile is an aspect of opportunity. It doesn’t make anything. What it does is presents energy and situations that can be crafted into something else. They tend to be opportunities to progress, and with Venus involved, get the goodies.

So with the above energies working together? The opportunity is there to seal the deal, to craft a lasting yummy. It doesn’t show up fully formed. It’s more subtle. Just keep laying the groundwork. It’s not an energy of extremes. Don’t show up somewhere naked. Please don’t. The way you screw it up is by actively pushing the opportunity away or by being psycho. You’ve got a pretty big target to hit there. That’s a good thing. Don’t overwork it.

Friday night the Moon in Gemini is Mercury ruled and Mercury is retrograde. Expect the worst and be happy when the results are really okay. The sky is unlikely to fall. The realistic worst is irritation of circumstance or something like a fender bender. Think about losing a limb in a bloody thresher accident and then ask yourself how you feel about sitting in traffic with your honey… or at least not with Ted Bundy. Or Al Bundy.

The Moon squares Mercury and Neptune, so things may be confused as much as irritating. Squiggly. They’re unlikely to be boring though!

Saturday night the Gemini Moon quincunxes Venus and trines the Aquarius Sun. Things are decidedly social, even if it’s just you and your cat. I’m just pointing out, you can be social even when you’re all alone at home now, hello internet! If you put in a little effort, it’s a pleasant, zippy world of possibilities. Sure the ruler is retrograde. Meh, that’s life! Go do something you like to do, go somewhere you enjoyed going in the past. Those are re-things! Do what feels like fun. So what if there are cock-ups? That’s life and life is for fun!

All weekend the Sun trines Mars and squares Saturn. This is more active-social energy on one hand, but shows impediment on the other. Work at it. This particular set of energies pays off with persistence and patience.

Sunday morning the Moon makes a grand trine with the Sun and Mars. It’s active, interesting and fresh!

There’s plenty of challenge out there this weekend as well as challenges that persist in the general, slow-moving parts of the sky. However, there’s also plenty of opportunity and airy goodness to lift spirits and entice the brain and other important bits. Some pleasure starts in the bits, some starts in the mind. Enjoy both and work toward the middle.


Weekend Love Forecast — 7 Comments

  1. It’s only Thursday night and had the fender bender… and indeed it bent which equals $$$ and YES am already completely irritated and irritable!!!! I seriously just want to hide away… too bad it’s not an option.

  2. Thank you very much for this article. It really helped me deal with a work meeting today. With the warning not to be a psycho or overwork things, I worked hard on not over-reacting during the meeting even though I had been very stressed and frustrated trying to fulfill my work responsibilities in a new job with lots of expectations and hardly any guidance. I felt that I was expected to just know what my boss wanted without adequate communication. I was expected to be able to read minds and I am no psychic! Happily, the work meeting turned out fine with resolutions in sight. Thanks again, Satori!

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