Looking Back At The Uranus Pluto Conjunction (Late 1960′s) For Insight In 2014

marino restrepoMost who read here know that Uranus and Pluto will square each other, between 2012-2015 (see exact dates). The planets aspect my natal Mercury and Mars.  I am aggressively (Mars) interested (Mercury) in this.  My conjunction is in the 9th (education, perspective, expansion).

I am reading all kinds of things these days. A lot of what I read connects this period with the late 1960′s, when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. When you have outer planets meet like that, it’s the start of something. Now that the planets are squared off, we can see the results (for good or ill) of what began at that time.

I touched on a topic like this on the Neptune in Pisces / Virgo post.  Contraception in relation to the Catholic church was a hot topic back then. The heat died down for all these decades, but it’s come up again with a vengeance.

Recently a client referred me to the video testimony by Marino Restrepo.  I was interested, but not likely to sit in front of a screen and watch anyone for an hour and a half, so I bought his book, From Darkness Into the Light. I’m glad I did.

Marino was born in Colombia. He fell into the sex and drugs, free-love lifestyle in the late 60′s.  By his own testimony, he did very little but get high and screw, for 30 years.  He kept this up until he was kidnapped at 47 years old, and put through a horrifying ordeal.

I’m about halfway through the book. It’s interesting on a number of levels.

I read aloud, to my husband when I have something he might be interested in. I’ve read him excerpts of this book. That’s what this post is about!

After offering my impressions of this story, I asked him what he thought of the author, the situation…all of it.

My husband grew up in South America. He’s a Catholic. He’s been to Columbia many times and he’s familiar with the local customs. He knows about kidnapping, whores (mentioned in the book), and pretty much everything else mentioned in this book. I was interested in his perspective. His reaction surprised me.

He said that not everyone has lived a privileged life, the way this man did.  He doesn’t really relate to him. He believes that the man had a true revelation, but explained that he was also introduced to sex, drugs, free love, all that.  We all were. But not all of us took that path.

“I went in the service. I tried to raise a family…”

You can see the separation there. The split is stark and undeniable.

It was at this point people detached (Uranus) at a deep level (Pluto). You see where we are today. Interesting, no?

 Can you connect things that are happening now, with things that happened then?


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