Astrology Today: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 – WOOF

Grace Kelly Wednesday morning the Moon in early Taurus sextiles the Mercury Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This could sure be dreamy! I like it! It’s the perfect opportunity to dream up whatever needs sparkle and enjoy your morning. He’s not a horse’s ass… he’s a shiny stallion! It’s really mostly a matter of perspective anyway. And this mood supports a dreamy perspective. Sometimes you need a swing to the rainbow-unicorn side of things to balance when everything’s been sallow and noir-ish.

As the Moon pulls away from that conjunction it moves into trine with the Venus Pluto conjunction. Tasty. Earthy, maybe a little raunchy, in a good way. This takes us into evening when the Moon sextiles Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer (trine each other). It’s pretty sweet, complicated, but sweet! This whispers, “dirty but delicious.” Disturbance with the right presentation is sublime and exquisitely delectable.

The subtle but oh-so important part? Venus is direct in Capricorn. Class. Bring your class. Earthy doesn’t mean tacky. Think things of lasting value and don’t forget the respect!

The Moon doesn’t hit the Chiron-Jupiter midpoint till late late late. Stock your nightstand.


Astrology Today: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 – WOOF — 14 Comments

  1. The early Taurus moon will be sextile my sun and trine my natal moon, I am all for the “rainbow-unicorn side of things ” for a little bit anyway :)

  2. Lyric speak? Reminds me of that line from “Killer Queen”,

    “She keeps a Moet et Chandon, in her pretty cabinet…”

    Must be my Taurus Moon conjunct my Mercury significator

  3. “Bring your class.”

    Words to the wise. I have been a grouch lately. I only just realized that the moon had been transiting Aries. Duh!

  4. Deamy! Bullshit! I got to start out with my partner bitching at me because I didn’t wake her up on time, when I’ve been getting up early to make her a smoothie every morning; and then listen to how I don’t care or take it seriously all the way to work. AARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  5. I’m not exactly feelin’ it either, Cyd. LOL My morning started with me, once again, getting caught off guard and launching into self-deprecation. I’m sure my fiance is getting tired of me fussing at him and beating myself up. The Moon is now 1 degree from my natal Chiron in the 5th–not fun!

  6. Not finding this especially productive. Forced to do the Rainbows and Unicorns stuff, even though I really wish I could get back into the Capricorn vibe. Pisces and Taurus takes the day – could be worse, but not exactly what I had planned.

  7. This day SUCKS!

    It’s a horrible mess here weather-wise in NYC and I got splashed by 2 vans and a big slushy clump fell on my face as I was walking to work.

    Also, I feel like everyone has been really mean to me and selfish, totally taking me for granted.

    It could also be me on day 2 of quitting smoking. LOL

    I hope others are enjoying the energy because I’m sure not.


  8. My partner and I got into a fight. I slammed the car door and he told me not to do it ever again, and I did it again and told him that I’ll see him later with my kind Libra-ness. I understand that was pretty immature of me, but I really can’t back down from a challenge with him. I’m pretty fucking stubborn and so is he. Afterwards, I rode the bus and walked to the coffee shop. Had to shake myself out of the mood. We’ve been fighting a lot lately. Quite frankly, I’m fucking tired of it. I apologized, he hasn’t responded yet.

    Lately, I’ve been kind of just pining over other people instead of him because dealing with him can be so much at times that I don’t even want to try sometimes. I know dealing with me is not that easy either. Shit’s just been so difficult lately!!

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