Weekend Love Forecast

Bob Hope Jane RussellFriday night the Moon in mid-Aquarius sextiles the Sagittarius Sun. We’re halfway through Sadge season. Do you feel jolly yet? I feel round and jiggly like a bowl full of jelly, if that counts. I don’t wear red in December. I was once mistaken for my mother who is 23 years older than me. I don’t need to be mistaken for Santa. Anyway, Friday night is a good time to chuck convention and get your jingle on. “Heck yeah, I’m Santa! WOOO!”

Aquarius Moon mood allows for detachment and breaking free. Capricorn Venus trines Virgo Mars so there’s a pleasant earthy swing goin’ on. You’d be surprised how well those two get down once you get the party started. Neptune squares Mercury in Sadge for a little spiked eggnog fueled karaoke doings. It’s not pretty, but it’s not necessarily horrible. It could get you noticed… by other drunk people.

The Mercury Neptune square persists through the weekend, but Saturday Mars moves into Libra sextiling Mercury and quincunxing Neptune. Let’s add a little dancing to that drunken karaoke. Right on. Smooth.

Saturday night the Moon is at the end of Aquarius and moving toward conjunction with Neptune. That adds a nice little bit of fuzz to the mood, maybe a little bliss. In any case with Mars in Libra, Mercury in Sadge, and the Moon in Aquarius, that’s a nice little jovially social mood that’s not too intense. It has the makings of a good time.

If you stay up late enough you’ll see the Moon’s move to Pisces and an in-sign conjunction to Neptune. If not, you’ll likely wake up that way. It’s a nice blush on the morning… if you’re not hung over (square to Mercury). So don’t be hung over!

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast — 10 Comments

  1. Jolly and not jolly. I remembered just now that I asked for this. I was afraid I would lose touch with the inner work if I got caught up in the go go life again. So it’s okay. Feelin better already.

    Am skippin out on another tired production of the christmas carol tonite. Refugee from scrooge. Am going to a xmas parade tommorrow nite. Santa always rides in a seat on the end of an outstretched crane swinging back and forth. :D And I’m still ridin on mars in virgo org time. Or will I still be?

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