Astrology Today: Thursday, December 5, 1013 – Whistle While You Work

waste not they hourThursday morning the Moon in Capricorn opposes Jupiter in Cancer. It is also applying into conjunction with Venus as Venus makes a trine to Mars in Virgo. It’s an earthy day with a little mood-foofing courtesy of Jupiter. Mercury newly in Sagittarius makes this a “feet on the ground, reaching for the stars” kind of day. Pleasant, real… good news and good posture.

Mercury squares Neptune so make sure you don’t make any wild promises just because it feels good. Don’t give people high expectations if you’re not reasonably certain you can deliver. Don’t spill the beans on your holiday presents either! It seems like a good idea at the time when you give someone a big hint, but it spoils the surprise for later!

By afternoon, the Moon hits Venus and joins it in trining earthy Mars as well. Whistle while you work and tidy up wherever you go! It’s the end of Virgo Mars and as boring as it sounds, clearing up the little details right now brings big satisfaction in a way that won’t be the same when Mars hits Libra and takes on a different tone.

It’s a nice night to relax for pleasant times, particularly if you’ve put in the work during the day.

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Astrology Today: Thursday, December 5, 1013 – Whistle While You Work — 4 Comments

  1. Haha I didn’t think of that “Don’t spill the beans on your holiday presents either!” with the Sadgey Merc but good point!

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