Astrology Today: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 – But Not Yet

poolWednesday morning the Moon in Saturn-ruled Capricorn squares Uranus and approaches Pluto. This could be a stolid mood only enervated by the deep need to be alone. But somehow I think this won’t be exactly onerous for most. The Moon also sextiles Chiron. This could be a moment of very personal growth and awakening. It could happen in an instant or come over you all at once. Or maybe you just sit in something nasty and have to leap up. I sat on a dead bird once, in a park.

Another indicator that plays into this sort of scenario is the sextile of Mars to Mercury, the quick motion of the mind, body, and senses in opportunity. It’s a visceral sort of awakening as the aspect remains in place with Mercury moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius by evening. Deep thought moves from secretive to high-minded, death and rebirth to justice and joy. And it brings with it the promise of action.

By evening the Moon moves past Pluto, its next stop Venus… but not yet. We contemplate, we experience, we move through. At some later date we will prosper.

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Astrology Today: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 – But Not Yet — 5 Comments

  1. I could really use a little light right about now. I’m Sagittarius (Dec 9), with Scorpio Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, & MC are all in Sag! Moon, Jupiter, & Neptune are all in Scorpio…am just about at my wits’ end for something really positive to unfold! Realm of possibility??

  2. Definitely awakening. Made for a very prolific and interesting day. I have a chiron uranus opposition so I am most likely primed for this at this time? I want to work with this. I feel like it is taking me to another level.

  3. Oh dear, went back and stumbled on some reading material about chiron and past life wounds. Whether there is past life or not, all the scenarios listed for my chiron placement are very exact to my subconcious pictures. Not exactly what I was looking for to move forward. I wonder if acknowleging the leftover fears is enough. And I do avoid certain situations and people so as not to create the same situations. I am not sure right now. Crap, I’m doin 2 things at the same time again. Want to work the awakening, but now there’s this other thing. Time needed to bring it all back together again. Oh bother!

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