Astrology Today: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 – Perception

stairsTuesday morning the Moon in Sagittarius quincunxes sign ruler Jupiter! With a little effort, this is a jolly mood indeed! Put yourself out there a bit and enlarge any corner of a good mood that shows itself. Mercury (in Scorpio) sextile Mars (in Virgo) favors intelligent action and manipulative perception. If you tell yourself, “Doggone it, this is a great day!” it is likely to become so. Then take action to make it so.

As the day wears on the Moon moves into square with Mars putting mood at odds with action. Anything you can get done earlier in the day is momentum that will carry you on through. Irritation is a possible effect on the afternoon and evening mood. Mercury figures highly here as it is in good aspect to both Mars and the Moon. Manipulate your perception. Any irritation is an emotional reaction that is likely temporary. Go deeper and take the long view. It’s a blip! Ride that Jupiter-fueled mood higher!


Astrology Today: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 – Perception — 6 Comments

  1. Best day for long!.. I actually ended the day by saying that i was grateful, and how wonderful life is.. ..Followed by a restless night of intense “psychic” sensations. The activator for this all, was the regained focus and concentration, which allow me to enjoy the academic ambition and creativity as i remember it from my early childhood, where I could remain undisturbed. My jupiter in retrograde scorpio 3rd house. Neptune/uranus sag i fourth house(scorpio).

  2. Reading your stuff has me more transit conscious Transits are funky. I really like that ‘carry you through’ thing. A little awareness goes a long way. I’d say, you rock, but you know that.

  3. It’s probably going to be my only day off this week and I am going Christmas shopping with a fun friend. Been a nice day so far:)

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