Weekend Love Forecast

Mr. Barry WhiteFriday afternoon Venus and Pluto form an exact conjunction in Capricorn. They remain conjunct all weekend, though Venus continues past Pluto. The Moon in Taurus trines the two by date time. Moon in Taurus is a pleasure-oriented position and this trine bodes well for a sexual twist. Moon and Venus agree on a sexy, earthy romp.

The Moon opposes Mercury. These cravings are complimented by a little sexy talk. In fact, sexy compliments are in order and they should be easy to come up with. The Taurus mood is delicious and sensual under these transits.

Mercury trines Neptune all weekend long and both move forward now. Some sultry music is especially affective. Taurean, self-satisfied confidence will also drop those panties. So use it, give in to it, or guard against it, depending on your outlook.

Jupiter sextile Mars and trine the Scorpio Sun seconds the sexy outlook and confident stride as well and this takes place all weekend long.

By Saturday date time, the Taurus Moon moves into good aspect with Jupiter and Mars and opposes Saturn. Moderation! That sucks, but we need it! The interest level for pleasure and acting on it is so great! One thing to keep in mind is that Saturday night is the lead in to the Taurus full moon. Consequences. It could easily be good consequences, so keep your wits about you and the odds are better.

Sunday morning the full moon culminates with Mercury moving into quincunx with Uranus… Uranus squaring Pluto-Venus. What do you want to bet there’s some zippy, unexpected news? It could be sexy. It could be disturbing. We’ll just have to wait and see!

What are your weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast — 10 Comments

  1. Just waiting on grand baby due Sunday:)

    Working to get extra done at work so that when he’s born I can help libra girl a bit:)

    Fullmoon will oppose my natal moon. It will conjunct taurus girls ASC opposing her sun. She going to a concert she’s been waiting for 4 months for, with her dad Saturday night. With her dad worries me but … Ill just try and believe with all my Pisces sun she will be safe.

  2. That full moon will be conjunct my north node in 5th house, Taurus. Don’t have any love interest around here these days,- except for myself, Haha. Venus/Pluto today sat on the last degree of my 1st house and I spent the day occupied with physical issues; detox and chiropractor (for as much as these two are connected, or not). Was far more deep and powerful in its effects than usual. I’d rather have a second love interest. ;-)

  3. Full moon is 7th house directly opposed my 25 Scorp rising. Pluto and Venus are sitting on my 2nd house natal Sun opposing my natal Mars ion the eighth. I actually turned down a sexy date today because I felt the guy was approaching things much too casually. So, self esteem, I guess. :) Nothing else so far, but sometimes aspects effects show themselves later on, don’t they.

  4. Lighting up the grand square. Many factors. saturn, pluto, lilith, ic. I want that unified thing, but many factors. But I do love what I have to come to understand as the lilith energy, it’s so core. My natal chart exploded this week. Natal urania conjuncts my ic ?. Meditating on the energies. Progressively there have been so much movement. Am looking at the natal mars rx that has gone direct in my progressed chart. I do believe I am working to get up to speed. :D It’s a brain dance. Poor old dawg has to learn new tricks. ‘Old’ seems to be a program for ‘things just ain’t how they were’. Ready for some expansion at the next new moon.

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