Astrology Today: August 26, 2013

conversation heartsTuesday morning the Moon in late Taurus sextiles Mars in the last degree of Cancer. It also squares Ceres (nurturing) in the last degree of Leo. Don’t mess with anyone’s baby. Some people’s baby (Maude help them) is their car, so it doesn’t have to be a literal baby. Some people’s baby is their delusional self esteem (Neptune opposes the Sun). The Cardinal grand square is taut, baby, so watch out whose baby carriage you poke your face into.

The longer the day goes on, the closer the Moon gets to a t-square with the Sun-Neptune opposition. Late afternoon, early evening, the Moon moves into Gemini. It also widely squares sign ruler Mercury. It carries its sextile to Mars all day, even as Mars slips into Leo, late in the night. This doesn’t do a whole lot to diffuse tension, but awareness helps.

This is a stressful week. Act with a kind heart, a generous heart. Your words can be true and still reflect that. Self editing is a wonderful brain ability. Run it by yourself before you throw it out there. Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?


Astrology Today: August 26, 2013 — 12 Comments

  1. I start my new job tomorrow. Got the job when nn was conj my IC exact and Saturn 3 degrees away… I’m scared with these energies… :/

  2. That last paragraph….I needed that. Lately I’ve been realllly hard on myself and I think everyone’s tired of it.

  3. Needed this post. Difficult week/year is an understatement. Love and respect the ‘awareness’ and ‘self-editing’ part – been applying my natal n.node in aquarius to help me detach and get a better perspective. Think ‘self-editing’ goes hand in hand (taken me 41 years to discover this) with a bit of detachment.

  4. Thanks S for that. Self editing, is it kind…necessary, etc…good grounding for the insane monkey bouncing around in my mind.can not sleep. Need those cherry chip cupcakes..

  5. Thank you for the warning. My natal Moon is in Taurus and I’m still spinning from my negative Mars in Cancer run in a month ago.

    Been in solitude, mostly silent, but needed the warning just in case …..

  6. Job went awesome. I remembered what you said about acting with a kind generous heart and it was a great day… Caring for this sweet old Italian lady. She lives in a flat with her large family. They gave me fruit from thier garden. I played cards with her and we talked about our families. I’m really happy with this family.. doesn’t feel like a job at all :)

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