Weekend Love Forecast

Beach BoysFriday evening the Moon in Virgo is moving past its trine to Pluto (sexay…) and into sextile with sign ruler Mercury. With Mercury in Cancer, the Moon’s sign, this puts them in mutual reception as well as in good aspect. Earthy and communicative, this combination is great for socializing with your honey. Put your hand on their waist as you talk and let it slide slowly lower till they yell at you and bite your hand. Mercury rules hands, you know. You might get further than you think as Mercury is retrograde (knowing look).

Mercury itself is moving back into hard aspect with the cardinal square of Pluto and Uranus. It’s likely that subjects from weeks past get revisited. That would be mid-June. I checked, because I’m smooth like that. You might even hear from people you were thinking about then, particularly because that’s also where Venus was at the time.

With Venus in Leo opposing Juno in Aquarius all weekend, expect to see a divide between detached commitment and burning desires. Also expect to see a lot of people wearing booty shorts, people who really, really shouldn’t be.

Saturday night the Moon is in the late degrees of Virgo and Mars has moved from Gemini to Cancer, conjuncting Jupiter and applying into the grand trine with Saturn and Neptune. This gives us Mars aspecting… quite a lot, for a lot of action. Mars in Cancer can come at things sideways, but it can also be a real starter. With the grand trine, this could be very sexy and romantic. Add in an earth Moon and things could get downright sexy. By the end of the night, the Moon moves into square with Mars and you know what Mars Mercury means… fast.

Virgo Moon is discerning, but with a watery Mars in square, things are likely to heat up fast. With Jupiter hotting up Mars, it’s good to remember to check your timing and that everyone’s on the same page. If you’re not getting the feedback you’re looking for, slow down. Be a little more suave with less puppy-like face licking and jumping.

By early morning, the Moon moves into Libra and full on square with Mars and Jupiter. Do NOT do the walk of shame on a Libra Moon Sunday morning. Either pack a floppy hat and dark glasses or go to your place and throw them out before the Moon hits Libra. Or, you know, choose someone Sunday snuggle-worthy. I just have a cat, but I used to be a real person once upon a time, and I know about these things.

In any case, that Saturday night Mars in that water trine with an earth Moon is very, very sexy. Magical things could happen. So don’t be thrown off when the Sunday Libra Moon starts to move into a cardinal grand cross with Pluto, Uranus, and Mercury. By midday there will be inklings of emotional challenge, building as the day wears on. Remember, “what at night seems oh so scenic may be cynic by and by.” (The Fanstasticks) But don’t judge anything by a cardinal grand cross mood. If you really had a good time over the weekend, let it ride on its own merit.

What are your weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast — 8 Comments

  1. Dear Satori, I enjoyed your posting very much! Like you I will be snuggling up to my cat Sunday morning, that is if she lets me.

  2. Heehee, lots of work to do, huzzah! Ugnngh.

    Blasted cats, leaving fur all around the house and demanding to be in my lap when there isn’t one.

    B is working all weekend. I already stocked up on his favorite insta-snacks, and I *finally* found a facial mud mask for the cheapness.

    I might make my sexy time in the bathtub, just scraping away the ick to find a Virgo, if she’s still under all that mess.

    I might let the cats watch me shave my legs. Me-yow-za! (Sorry. I have Venus Pluto and am creepy like that.)

    Perhaps I will get the kitchen clean enough to make that cake I have been threatening.

  3. Never ever ever ever shall I make proper plans…no no no i say haha…except maybe getting together with my geeeff. BUT gotta keep things very open!

  4. i’m getting my hair done. i am SO excited. she took me back to blonde in april…i’m here for my touch up:)

    sunday we are seeing an old friend, who is taking us city mice to the river for a swim.

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