Astrology Today: April 24 – Pretty Little Life

banana splitWednesday morning the Moon in Libra opposes Mercury in Aries and trines Jupiter in Gemini. Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Hot diggety this makes for a bounty of communications and a snappy, upbeat mood! It also can mean enthusiastically self-centered talk that must be met by polite, kind listeners. Remember that actual conversations consist of give and take. While you may be hopped up to disseminate your genius, make sure your audience is engaged, not just listening politely. And if not, scale back. Give balance.

Venus trines Pluto exact and is still in orb of opposition to Saturn. An interest in what goes on beneath the surface peaks. The boundaries and restrictions associated are duly noted. Venus in Taurus is not known for its ability to “hold out”, so if you wish to hold out, you’d better be clear with yourself. Even if it means setting that boundary not to drive by the Dairy Queen on your way home. What? Some people harbor obsessive desire for soft-serve.

So while the mood is “nice” and upbeat and there’s surface patter everywhere, there’s an undercurrent of secrecy and depth in the overall aesthetic. And what people want? They want it bad. But they’re probably not going to talk about THAT. They’ll talk about pants or tanning or explosions, all the time thinking, “Mmm, bananas (pleasurable shudder).”

By evening, the Moon trines Black Moon Lilith in Gemini. This echoes Venus trine Pluto. A great use of both these energies is to embrace the supposedly darker urges and utilize their power, to strengthen your aesthetic (Venus) or to cultivate satisfaction (Moon). Dress up in yellow glitter latex and roll around in a six foot glass banana boat of soft serve… or whatever your personal equivalent. In other words: Take the crux of the energy that seems to work at you in dark and subtle ways and use it in a way that sates your desires safely.

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Astrology Today: April 24 – Pretty Little Life — 7 Comments

  1. Note to self:
    Be more inconspicuous when SECRETLY going to Dairy Queen, Satori is on to me!
    I cant resist chocolate and cherry sundays:'(

  2. You should have your own show: Satori’s Secrets of the Stars! Glitter-dressed participants rolling in glass boats of ice cream need no cherry on the top ;P

  3. ‘Scalin back’ would be a nice balance. Rather than the fallin on my ass in shock. I am still trying to control my face at what I am hearing. Wild times!!

  4. oh Saturn is backing into square with my uranus. Controlling or disciplining my face might be another slant. Natal saturn in 1st as well.

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