Astrology Today: April 23, 2013 – Balance

pomegraniteTuesday morning the Moon is in early Libra at the point of a yod with Neptune in Pisces and Mars-Sun in Taurus. Neptune sextiles the Mars-Taurus conjunction and both quincunx the Moon. This means the Moon is opposite the midpoint of the sextile and a focus of that energy. The need to relate and create balance makes use of the opportune energy of inspired and creative drive.

The Pisces to Taurus sign energy of the sextile is also a Venus Neptune signature, drawing in the Libra moon as the perfect and lovely time to act. That might sound elevated, but it can be very simple. I’d think of it more along the lines of this being a perfect time to extend your gracious, loving-kindness to those around you. It’s perfect timing to do so, for the benefit of all, yourself included.

Venus continues in its opposition to Saturn and trine to Pluto. It is a time when one recognizes impediments to realizing one’s desires. The upside is that the Pluto trine is sure to highlight just how deep those desires go. The inclusion of Saturn here lends the ability to suss out just how realistic are the desires. Venus Pluto energy can be obsessive or taboo. Is this a deep desire or an obsession? Can this be solidified into something of lasting value, or should it be eliminated? It’s not necessarily one or the other, either, perhaps both. The Hades-Persephone compromise springs to mind. It may not be a perfect solution, but whatever works, works.

The remainder of the day, the Moon applies into square with Pluto and an eventual quincunx to Venus. If you find yourself feeling disturbed, allow that to propel you toward finding balance between what you want and what you need. Give a little, give a little more, and ask for what you need if you’re not getting it back when you move to balance. It may take some jiggling, but balance is achievable.


Astrology Today: April 23, 2013 – Balance — 3 Comments

  1. this makes total sense with whats happening in my life right now. the desire/obsession -value/eliminate aspect. and yes its all of those things. for me its to eliminate the old way and solidify into the new.

  2. My Pluto Venus is totally being triggered right now and the pain and frustration is immense (but as usual, to keep me hooked, is a sense of pleasure underneath the agony).

    Thankfully most of the time I can recognize how ludicrous the feelings are, but they are very persistent right now.

    Being born with this aspect is really, really tough.

    Love to all!

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