Astrology Today: April 22, 2013 – Desire

Colander planterMonday morning the Moon in Virgo is in an expanding square with Gemini Jupiter. Mercury is the sign ruler for both Virgo and Gemini, and Aries Mercury applies into sextile with Jupiter. This puts a lot of emphasis on communications, perception, and the senses. It’s thoughtful but active mood, a philosophical mood. There’s a need for order and at the same time there’s likely to be an excess of details to manage. Uranus conjuncts Mercury, and this is a great time to step up your game with an innovative plan.

The Sun, Mars, and Venus conjunct in a chain at the beginning of pleasure-loving Taurus. It’s a great time to get a haircut, overhaul your wardrobe, or pay your children to play personal chef. With a sextile to Neptune in Pisces there’s the ability to use your imagination and create a little luxury for yourself, whether you have the money or time to spend or not. You can always luxuriate in a creative way. Cheeseburgers by candlelight can be elegant if you wish them to be. Dream them up and they are.

Venus opposes Saturn and trines Pluto. Desire is opposed by responsibility, barriers, rules. At the same time it has a gritty pull that plucks at deeply resonant strings. Longstanding desires you’ve pushed down have a way of rising to the surface. Taboo cravings emerge. This is complicated by Venus’ square to Juno, so that what you want may not match that to which you have committed yourself.

By evening the Virgo Moon (earthy) squares Black Moon Lilith in air. The mood picks up on that flavor of the darker side of desire and plucks at the emotional center. It stirs up need. Keep that Saturn maturity on hand and set some boundaries if necessary. It’s entirely possible that if it’s not you with the desires, it’s someone else who brings their need to YOU. Whether that sounds pleasurable (so much Taurus) or not, remember that tomorrow is another day and respond with that in mind.


Astrology Today: April 22, 2013 – Desire — 9 Comments

  1. what I want and what I committed to many,many, years is not the same as what I desire now…yet the universe seems to block any move I make,and the responsibilities are many, so I just lay low and let saturn push me around.I have neptune, so at least I have my dreams.

  2. Hey watergal, Saturn is a graceful father of time, no doubt. Saturn resides in Saggie in the 11 house. Venus holds hands with Virgo, so it seems, next half of life is surely stricken within many energy fields. Flowing with the currents is the only way to sail. let go, let go, let go,,,,,, great song by Tool-Grudge-

  3. hey Terr, thanks…yes, time will tell.Pluto is also almost on my dc “13 degrees”cap. ..maybe that will be a tell as well.”tool” is a little much for me but maybe a little lana del rey “ride” fits the mood tonight.

  4. I am so going for a haircut tomorrow:) After putting it off,,, and chopping at my bangs for over a month it is the time!

  5. That planter!! Did you pick the image before I posted it on the Boards? What a cool coincidence.

    I feel really happy today:)

  6. LOL! That’s funny. I’m asking, too, because CeeCee posted an image on that thread of something I was looking at on the Internet myself.

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