Astrology Today: March 27, 2013 – Adventure Time

I am a golden godEarly, early, Wednesday morning the Libra Moon opposes the Aries Sun for a powerful full moon. It’s extra powerful because Venus, Uranus and Mars conjunct the Sun while Pluto squares… all in cardinal signs, signs that are pretty comfortable with their finger on the button. Aries in particular, where most of the action is, is especially prone to act first and ask questions later. Now is this a problem? No, not for most people, not for most not-stupid people.

There’s a great deal of volatility here, but that’s life. Sometimes things burst into flames or you find a dead mouse in the beer you just popped open. It’s a game of odds. Sometimes odds are good and sometimes the goods are odd. Jupiter sextiles the Sun and trines the Moon. Do you want a perfectly safe life, or do you want an ADVENTURE?

Maybe you want a safe life. Stretch yourself a little today. Jupiter inflates, and there’s the ability to increase your capacity today. Try it. Pluto and Saturn point at Jupiter as well: Go deep, get wise, and be philosophical. Jupiter trines the Moon all day. There’s an opportunity here to really get lifted, and not just by explosives either. As serious as this sky can be, it’s also a really optimistic, fun-loving mood. Decide for yourself whether that holding cell at county is half empty or half full.

Also, Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, and with so much going on, you may forget to drink heavily. Here I am to remind you. Five o’clock is an arbitrary time to start. Avoid rooftops and bars that allow guns.

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Astrology Today: March 27, 2013 – Adventure Time — 11 Comments

  1. My God, Satori, what a post!!! This is the first time, ever, anyone has made me feel, through their prose, like I was truly capable of being young again!!!

  2. lol @ Avoid rooftops and bars that allow guns.

    Every time I talk with this certain jupiterian person I feel lifted I guess I’m a little early on the transit feel :)

  3. cancer sun, libra moon – sounds amazing and i do feel very positive and uplifted! i didn’t feel the moon until last night, while i was walking home and saw it in clear view. and the dream last night, wow! :)

  4. Great post satori!
    I went to a pub to meet my artist group last night and it was so packed people were hanging from the rafters…we couldn’t even get in!

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