Astrology Today: March 25, 2013 – Have A Plan

dandelionMonday morning the Moon in Virgo shakes hands with all the big name players. Good thing a Virgo Moon is good at emotionally multitasking. Saturn sextiles as Jupiter squares, push and pull on the mood. There’s a tendency toward getting whipped up, but a natural handle on when to tone it down. Setting limits goes a long way. The Moon quincunxes Uranus-Mars and trines Pluto for volatility and power, but it also adds an emotional intelligence that can lead to a better outcome.

Moon ruler, Mercury in Pisces, sextiles Pluto and squares Jupiter. It trines Saturn. Consider the power of your perception, your mind, and your communications and transcend anything that threatens to push you off your point of control. Big ideas can emerge under such energy, if you don’t let your mind run away with you, or your mouth. In fact, you may want to keep these ideas and observations under wraps till you know where you want to go with them.

Mars has an interesting similar situation with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Here, Jupiter is supportive, Pluto challenging, and Saturn could go either way. In the physical realm, beware the fact that you may underestimate your own strength or that of others. You could injure yourself or someone else, without intention, so if there’s any intention there, look out. However, controlling and modulating your action can lead to a judicious use of force, with plenty enough juice to do the trick. You should have no problem opening jars. How’s that for a superpower? Bo-ring! Don’t pop anyone’s head off. This can all be metaphorical too. But still, don’t punch anyone in the head.

Later in the day, the Moon drifts off on its own and the mood is more introspective as it makes no major aspects. The Sun and the general tenor of the day, however, is in sweet conjunction to Venus in Aries. There should be no shortage of good times to be found on one’s own if you take the initiative and go after them. There are plenty of things that are fun to do alone, together. Or maybe you can find someone to challenge you in attaining your best. The physical is also fun. Independence and self-contained pleasure feature highly this week. Stock up on batteries. Or condoms.

It’s a day with a definite current of power, control, action and taboo. And you may want to discuss that, but keep in mind how much you’re sharing. What you’re thinking and feeling has deep roots. Action, thought and communications have deep consequences, not bad or good, necessarily, but REAL. Keep that in mind. With the Moon in Virgo, keep your mood sorted and have a plan for best results. “Don’t be a dick” is as good a plan as any. That’s my plan; you can share it if you like.

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Astrology Today: March 25, 2013 – Have A Plan — 6 Comments

  1. I’ll definitely keep in mind the advice for Monday satori. I have big ideas, but I’m thinking through them. And then, self-mastery is something I keep on working on.

  2. Thanks Satori:) This night shifter has to work the day shift tomorrow so it’s nice to know what I’ll be dealing with. Gonna have my serious face on..and have a plan.

  3. Yay! Thanks satori =) I had a Big Idea today, straight out of the blue! & I’m cashing in on the Virgo Moon to spin it into reality quick smart. My secret, for now though. Nice Energy!

  4. Am getting a handle on saturn energy reading your stuff. Had to get past my limited understanding of saturn as the over stricts.

    My humor (what I find funny) can be a little head punchin. Have a meeting tonite. Will keep it in check.

  5. I couldnt even open my Gatorade this morning….super sick in the middle of the night….felt a little puny.

    But no dick being here…only grateful and day dreamy.

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