Astrology Today: March 21, 2013 – Don’t Poke A Bear

bearEarly Thursday morning the Moon is in Cancer making no close aspects. This is a good time to assess your emotional state as the Moon in its own sign is deeply watery and capable of feeling things clearly. Later in the morning, it moves into trine with Venus at the end of Pisces. This is a pleasant time when the mood and the aesthetic are in tune, with each other and with the collective.

In the afternoon Venus moves into Aries, joining the Sun, Mars, and Uranus. It still holds the trine to the Moon, but desires take on a more selfish tone and the focus shifts from compassion to getting what you want. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a time for everything, and Aries season is a time to feather your own nest first. The strong individual is just as needed as any other role under the Sun.

Mars in Aries conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto. It also quincunxes Saturn. The action urge of the day favors innovation and forward movement. In Aries square Pluto there may be the urge to metaphorically burn things down. I’m being kind and assuming you don’t want to literally burn things down. And if you do? Don’t. In aspect to Saturn, always do the right thing. But watch out for those who may not be following your moral compass. And don’t poke a bear.

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Astrology Today: March 21, 2013 – Don’t Poke A Bear — 2 Comments

  1. Oh wow Satori…so glad I read this before my day begins tomorrow.
    Does anyone else notice that people seem to be driving faster and more reckless than usual? I swear I have to constantly remind myself here lately while driving to slow down and keep my eyes alert and focused.
    Unfortunately I’m the bear and my kid’s keep poking me.God help those of us raising teenagers…*sigh*

  2. “faster and more reckless than usual”. Yes I notice it. I thought I might be moving slower than usual. Thanks for clearin that up.

    My bear is on notice. Thanks again.

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