Astrology Today: February 21, 2013 – Feelings, Woah, Woah, Woah, Feelings

the princess and the goblinEarly Thursday morning the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and trines Saturn and Mars, a kite. This creates a great deal of stability to the watery mood and the ability to access it in action. What kind of action? Flow. Water always wins. What it can’t flow around it erodes. Take your cue from the mighty power of water and time.

Mars conjuncts Mercury with Mercury sextiling Juno in Capricorn. Work on cementing the plan, but keep the plan fluid as details are likely to emerge over the upcoming Mercury retrograde period. This IS the time to address a plan, however, otherwise how will you rethink and amend what you don’t already have in place?

Midday onward has the Moon trining Mercury and moving into opposition with Juno. Thoughts and perceptions bridge the balance between Moon and Juno. How do you really feel about your commitments? Are these worth continued work? Where you have built up value over time, does this serve your needs? Do you feel this is a worthwhile investment? This is a good time to address the feelings that come up as the mind is in a good position to follow the stories they create and the possible outcomes. What if? Follow that through and you have “oh yes!” or “oh yikes!” The imagination is RIPE.

Aside from the water and the winning and the imagination… the thing to remember about all this Pisces energy is FAITH. There’s a certain kind of confidence that emerges with Aries (and grows with each sign in one way or another), but what predates, what is the foundation of this confidence is faith. It grows on ephemeral ground (not ground at all but mist) and cannot be touched, but without it, nothing real comes into being. To sow the seeds of your reality you must first bring forth something from nothing. Now is the season of the nothing. The faith. Give it a try.

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Astrology Today: February 21, 2013 – Feelings, Woah, Woah, Woah, Feelings — 11 Comments

  1. Hidden pisces in the the 4th is lit up like a christmas tree. Does Pisces have more fun if left to her own devices? Could just be my cancer moon is dancin on the homefront.

    I don’t know if I have faith but am enjoying rockin my illusion. Am using it to write the next sequel to my movie.

    Force feeders not allowed. Feel that I don’t have to digest anything I don’t want to.

  2. Another Great One Satori!!! You’re really knocking these out of the park as far as I’m concerned. So relevate in almost every way right for me right now and even more helpful. Thanks bunches :)

  3. “What it can’t flow around it erodes.” That’s a great image, I’m gonna be thinking about that… Venus, Sun, Neptune, Chiron, Mars, and Mercury are all transiting my 8th house right now… and I’m thinking Mercury will move into my 9th after tomorrow. NOT! Turns retrograde right before the cusp. ha, OK then. I regained a lot of faith today and discovered some truths through astrology, so I’m excited to see what happens next. My calendar is making me laugh more than my natal chart lately… Solar returns are good stuff though… I realized I never looked in 2012 and have been thinking about the one from 2011 for two years. The old one was totally Mars flavored, and this year had two grand trines in Earth and Air. Next year grand trine in WATER! and stellium in 8th. Your posts are amazing Satori, smart and funny, and so meaningful to me, thank you <3

  4. “Water always wins…what it can’t flow around, it erodes.”

    LoveloveLOVE this. Six natal planets in Water, five of ‘em in Cancer. Tired of hearing ’bout how weak and mushy we are. We kick serious ass, folk. Remember, we always win, lol.

  5. CancerAGoGo — I never underestimate the overwhelming power of water. It’s a serious mistake to associate that element, in itself, with weakness. I’m a fire sign who has not been eroded, but on occasion temporarily extinguished, by a Pisces or two!

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