Astrology Today: December 27, 2012 – Zip And Zap

George ClintonThursday morning the Moon at the end of Gemini conjuncts Ceres and opposes Mercury. Nurturing through communications or perhaps expressing a need for nurturing ranks highly. With the opposition in Sagittarius, it’s also possible for one to mull over the possibilities, philosophize or just blurt: “Hey, sweet mama, can I be your daddy?” Don’t do this at bus stops. Or do, it’s your life.

Venus opposes Vesta across the same polarity. There’s a push-pull energy over worldly desires versus areas of deep devotion. Again, with the sign polarity there’s the division between endless mulling and endless yapping, but these are good periods to give yourself free rein to bring up the these issues, whether privately or shared. The back and forth over both of these provides the stock information that you refer to later, when it’s time to act.

As for action, Mars newly in Aquarius trines Jupiter, and papa’s got a brand new bag. Electricity is generated by this kind of Mars. Both planets in air crackle with zip and speed, and Uranus in the mix, splitting the distance from Aries, provides even more verve. Mars sits on the Juno-Neptune midpoint stirring up much sexual energy, magical or confused. Mars here won’t be terribly helpful in finding out which, as this urge tends to explode outward, rather than creeping inside.

The Moon trines Neptune and passes into its own sign, Cancer, by midday. With the Moon and Neptune watery, each in their own sign, this makes for a rather elevated mood, touchy feely. Higher love and mama love entwine. Mars quincunxes providing zip, but zip doesn’t really meld well, here. Translating feeling to action is a little tougher in this regard, unless we’re talking about humanitarian action, in which case, WOOOOOO, we’ve GOT IT IN SPADES!

The Cancer Moon approaches full Thursday night as it opposes the Capricorn Sun. It trines Saturn as well as Chiron, creating a kite. Pluto conjuncts the Sun for extra, added pop, depth. The Moon is in its own sign, the Sun sextiles its ruler. Chiron trines the Sun ruler and trines the Moon. Taken as a whole this has great potential for popping the cork on some serious understanding of a deeper reality and what makes you tick, heart and soul.

The full moon itself takes place early Friday, but it’s all lining up late in the night Thursday. Look for emotional epiphanies or a deepening of goals. Look to the houses over which the opposition falls for particular areas of personal involvement. Uranus feeds into this in square, of course, so things won’t necessarily come smoothly. It works with Mars in Aquarius with the zip and the zap and the, “Omigod, that wire is LIVE!” So stay alert.

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Astrology Today: December 27, 2012 – Zip And Zap — 8 Comments

  1. yup, wee hours on the west coast for sure… in any case, it’s applying overnight. and since I don’t do a forecast for daytime on fridays (weekend forecast) I figured it weighed in best on thursday… heck, some nights I’m up that late. did write the wrong day though, thanks.

  2. George Clinton’s attorney was in the same building as one of my old jobs. Will never forget riding in an elevator with him once. I was so befuddled I couldn’t remember his name *chuckle*

  3. Oh good phew because I read it thinking how great of a night Thursday would be and where I’d go and who I’d see. Then I was going this can’t be tonight (Wednesday)! I’m bitter and alone tonight!

    I know what you mean about holiday time. Twilight zone!

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