Astrology Today: May 2, 2012 — Two Great Tastes

peanut butter chocolateThere’s the well-known Stones lyric about getting what you want versus getting what you need, one not the other. Wednesday looks like a day where you could conceivably get both, provided you’re willing to work at it. The bad news? They may not work very well together! Remember the ad where they do the “oh NO, you got peanut butter on my chocolate/you got chocolate on my peanut butter! Mmm, tastes great!” This is more “Hey, you got shower cleaner on my peanut butter/you got peanut butter in my shower!”

Saturn and Neptune are involved so you can shape your reality to accommodate. One way to accomplish this is to compartmentalize your win in each area and appreciate them both. Don’t expect to make a round peg fit in a square hole. You don’t have to. Not everything has to fit together big-happy-family style. With the Moon aspecting Jupiter there’s plenty of upbeat emotion available. Venus trining Saturn brings enduring value. Look for what IS good and don’t try to force perfection.

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Astrology Today: May 2, 2012 — Two Great Tastes — 10 Comments

  1. That does look good!!!! My favorite combo :)
    I totally forgot about that commercial, I loved it!!!!
    Great Advice Satori, thanks for the heads up,

  2. you know something funny? a couple hours after I wrote this (I loaded it in the hopper for afternoon) a friend published a blog with the title “Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together”… same decades old ad! how weird! something in the air!

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