Transits Jiggling Your Chiron

irritationIt never fails. Whenever I have a certain feeling, a feeling of passionate irritation, you know the kind, the one when Tweedledee wanted to rip out his hair because Tweedledum had spoiled his brand new rattle, I find it has the same damned root every time: Chiron. Chiron is a very dignified character of myth, a teacher, a sage, complicated and generous of spirit. Chiron in astrology is all these things and like Chiron of myth also has the added caveat of the permanent wound. It won’t kill you but it never heals. The permanent condition of this irritant can teach you plenty. However, it’s the teachable moment that remains in your nature forever, the sore spot.

Every time the Moon hits the late degrees of a mutable sign I want to tear out my hair and assault someone with a colorful umbrella. But then I realize, “ah… Chiiiiiiiiiiiron.” When I recover a modicum of maturity, I look for the teachable moment and it’s always there. Transits of a longer duration than that of the Moon make for longer periods of irritation and bigger lessons, but the primary concept remains the same. More pronounced than the wounded Chiron is the truth of the character of Chiron as the greatest, most valuable teacher.

It’s not ever going to go away. It’s not ever going to stop coming, that Chiron lesson, however, the point is to keep learning from it. You can look at it as the pain that never ceases or you can embrace it as the gift that keeps on giving. It’s your choice.

Look to the placement of your natal Chiron, particularly by house and aspect, for clues to where your lessons lie.

Where is your Chiron? Do you notice an effect by transit?


Transits Jiggling Your Chiron — 17 Comments

  1. Chiron in Aqua h11 opposite Uranus in Leo h5, never mind being tied up in my kite.
    <——-see avatar, freak, go back to the land of misfit toys.

  2. 10th house – 6 degrees Aries. Pluto’s been running roughshod over it for awhile now and I’m not looking forward to Uranus taunting it, either.

    And, yes, I have noticed it. Not liking it one bit.

  3. Well now. I hadn’t noticed the Moon’s transit to Chiron but I will from now on. Chiron in Pisces in the 10th house.

    Yesterday I wanted to blast “Forrest Gump & Bubba” in the grocery store! Arghhh!!!

    And that’s why I don’t have special powers like the comic character Starfire, because I would blast some idiot. ;)

  4. Chiron sits natally in my 10th H along with my Sun and Mercury all in Scorpio. Your post is a great and timely reminder of how deciding to side-step power struggles is my lifelong opportunity to soothe the permanent wound. It works when I remember, and irritates when I don’t.

    In transit, the Wounded One is moving through my 2nd H, so what I value and whether I choose the irritation or the salve … it’s good to remember what’s important. Hmmm

  5. I have Chiron in Aries in the 2nd house. It opposes my Libra Mars/Uranus conjunction. I’ve struggled with self-worth and being comfortable in my own skin. However, I’m very much your cheerleader :) On the one hand, I have the conjunction that drives me to be innovative but this pull of a wounded sense of self that pulls me back, as if I’m not worthy. I have a hard time spending money on myself. If I do, it’s very little and you can bet your butt it’s going to be on sale (although we can blame this on Libra too).

    It has taken me awhile to value my own possesions and realize that I do deserve material things. I don’t have to give everything away. But, it helps me greatly to also help others if I have something in excess. A lot of times, that excess may only be an extra smile or a good mood and I try really hard to share that.

    I do give killer massages..which I attribute to the tactile 2nd house of Taurus. I have a natural healing power there. I can also help people find their own path to self value and worth. I’m always encouraging people to be gentle with themselves and to be nice to themselves. This, is from a constant reminder to myself because if you could hear how I used to talk to myself..geesh. I’m pretty aware of it now.

    Rarely was I ever comfortable as a child. I was always trying to please and always trying to be the best at everything. I’m pretty over that now. My efforts are good enough..dammit. I’ve figured out that my own judgement of myself is very often much harsher than what others judge me on.

    However, my lesson from this is to accept myself as not perfect. To be comfortable and happy even on the days that I’m not the smartest, the prettiest and the most entertaining person in the room. Sometimes, it is my job to reflect someone else’s light and I do that rather well. I’m also learning that my values that may be separate and unique from the values of others are still important! I do have the right to stand up for what I believe in and what I feel to be important even if no one else understands or shares the same value.…he is a blessing and a curse. It’s all in the way you play with him!

  6. Chiron Conjunct Saturn, Mars, Mercury & Juno Natally in Pisces & currently T Chiron Conjunct my Sun.

    I am a walking talking band-aid.

  7. Satori, this is really interesting. I was WONDERING why I was so damn unfocused/emotional/in need of an old romance movie (this rarely happens) yesterday night – and oh, the moon in late degrees of Virgo was squaring my chiron! I’m hoping the lost/loneliness has or is dissipating, now… :(

    What an apt time for this thread!

  8. Oh yea, a bit of a digression: natal chiron sextiles a whole bunch of my planets, so I think I relate very much to all the Chiron things that you mentioned. :)

  9. First house opposite Saturn. It hits me every day. People have very strong reactions to me immediately for better or for worse. I can’t hide. I am on stage in full learning my lessons in life, and if at any point people feel like spitting on me and tearing my hair out, I still can’t hide. I’m a walking cultural wound/amalgam – third culture kid.

  10. I’ve been focused on understanding how Chiron has played out in my life lately as I’m currently experiencing my Chiron return.

    Mine’s in my 4th house. It’s opposite Pluto and conjunct my Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter, plus trine my Neptune Moon. So to say this is ‘personal’ would be an understatement, I think.

    I’ve moved a lot, and quite of few times it’s been a very long distance, where I’ve literally sold everything and started completely over (Pluto).

    The majority of my adult life, I’ve lived far from family and the friends I grew up with. I always manage to make lots of new friends, but those ended when I made my next ‘big’ move, which is always painful.

    Each of these moves, I always knew (Mercury) that it would require a lot of work (Mars) and I would again feel (Moon) the pain of missing my family and friends I would eventually lose touch with.

    But, I also knew that I would expand (Jupiter) my perspective of the world by living somewhere new and different. That I would have experiences that I would remember for the rest of my life that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

    I’m not quite sure where the lesson is yet (Neptune). My hope is that during this Chiron return, the veil will drop and I’ll come to a full understanding because I’m pretty sure I’ve got at least one more ‘big move’ in my future.

    Please excuse the long comment… ;-)

  11. Very timely post, Satori. Transiting Merc (rp) making its third and final pass tomorrow over my natal Chiron in Sag in 3rd. Chiron has always manifested itself very physically with me, and my neck and shoulders have been acting up badly since late November along with the ongoing sacroiliac problems that seem to be my “sore spot”. My Chiron is also opp natal Sun in Gem in 9th. I’m searching for the deeper message – and there are times when everything falls into place – yet right now I feel lost. But my 9th house Sun trine Jup has up till now ensured that I bounce back eventually ….

  12. Right there with you, CArRiE. My Chiron return will complete in late January, and it’s been quite the journey this past year. Like you, mine opposes Pluto. You didn’t mention the Uranus opposition, with it’s lovely GOTCHA! opportunities for feeling that ole Chirotic magic :)

    I don’t have all the other planetary stuff you mention, but mine’s conjunct the Nadir, so it opposes my MC and squares my AC. Emotional moments tend to catch me in public, which my Scorpio rising and Aquarius moon find mortifying.

  13. Right on the MC, opposite Uranus. Wonder if this is why all attempts at career success have been so failey and disastrous, I wonder? Actually (looking at my chart…) it makes rather a lot of aspects, mainly sextiles and trines, and quintile Venus. Whatever can that mean?

  14. @SallyFelt – Sounds like a kindred spirit! ;-)

    Uranus is opposite my Jupiter (a little too big an orb to be opposite Chiron though) – It’s energy has fueled the fact that many of my moves have been spontaneous decisions, opportunities that ‘fell out of the sky’.

  15. The Chiron/Neptune conjunction is sitting on my natal Jupiter/Sun conjunction in Pisces in the 6th house. The locally owned hotel where I’ve worked for almost two years now was just recently purchased by an Indian family (dots not feathers) who are turning it into a franchise. This transit is so relevant to what is happening it’s hilarious! Friday was their first day on the property and they took a midday break to chant and burn incense in the office. Painful change in the workplace with a religious overtone. Astrology is amazing.

    Ultimately, whatever happens is going to be positive, my instinct is to go with the flow. Chiron is one of the most fascinating astrological archetypes in my opinion; I see its influence every day. Ultimately, it represents insecurity, right? That one tender part of the underbelly of the dragon that’s always exposed.

  16. I have Chiron conjunct my Sun, tightly, along with Ceres. I have always done my best, whenever I could, to be kind, helpful, etc. I’ve dealt with my own issues, but tried to fix them, and done my best to do well by others.

    The past eighteen months or so? Chiron squaring my moon/venus/south node, conjoining 4th house mars, trine uranus/ascendant. I have been curled up here, wondering how many times people need to hear, “I am not in a good place. I cannot take much more” before it actually clunks them over the head, and they stop pushing? I have no faith anymore; I have morals, I have been good to others, and yet things keep coming my way this year, that don’t give me a break to get my head together, to feel good and regain my strength – I feel suicidal several times, and have had to stop myself from doing something drastic, and more crap happened here, and now in my home, where I am being forced to spend the holidays with a man who caused so much trouble for me, and has ended up being trouble whenever he has been here – and he’s engaged to my sister. i am not in a good place, but she insists he be here. I visit here a week ago, feeling like something’s up, and to send my thoughts/prayers to anyone who needs them (even though I can’t log in), and I find myself being mocked. Not helpful, to say the least.

    this is the lowest I have ever been, and I don’t see myself getting past it – and that is truly scary. I used to love christmas, but I literally have no joy left in me. if i come back in another life, i will make sure to leave chiron well away from personal planets, unless it’s a steady, more workable energy. i had some hope, at the beginning of this year, but that was shattered this summer/autumn. it’s gone.

    I won’t apologize for the long comment, because I doubt it will post. I wish everyone the best here, and always did. i honestly don’t see how some of you get through what you do, and still smile and laugh, and love, because it’s so hard, and I’ve dealt with a lot of difficulty before. I had some coping skills, but this has all been too much. I admire the hell out of some people for getting through certain things. not happening for me – and it isn’t as though i haven’t tried.

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