Dixie’s Daily Tarot, September 22, 2010: Libra Moon Decision-Making Tips

IMG_0185I feel sorry for folks with the moon in Libra. I know how grueling that Libra tennis-match-action can get, and I shudder to imagine. Trying to make a tough decision when your brain does nothing but feed you a list of “what if” scenarios for you to endlessly evaluate, all while you worry about accidently picking the wrong one? Ow! Just thinking about it makes my hair hurt.

Today’s Tarot is the Two of Swords, associated with Moon in Libra. Lots of Tarot imagery features duality of some flavor, but this one especially so. Swords in general carry the dual promise of hurting or healing, slicing or surgery. Here, like Justice, we’ve got a blindfolded figure—is this impartial decision making or self-delusion? The swords she’s holding are competing interests; the moon and waves point to emotions surrounding the issue.

Most significant decisions have a dual nature; there are costs and benefits associated with each choice.  In retrospect, it’s easy enough to forget one side or the other. Nothing is without it’s cost, although the cost is sometimes a good value. Trying to make a call can be overwhelming if the cost is high and it’s enough to darn near paralyze folks sometimes.

When I decided to get married, I was also picking up some kids to raise and a crazy ex-wife.  When I decided to go to school, it meant foregoing income to do it. Becoming a mother brought huge gifts and huge sacrifice. For some decisions, the balance of weight is obvious, but some , not so much.

When I’m finding the balance of factors isn’t clear, I ask myself a simple question: What would I feel best about? What’s in the highest good? I know if I’ve done the best I can, made the decision that appears to be for the greater good overall, then no matter what the outcome, I can accept it with peace. No regrets. If I’d taken the easiest choice and it turns out poorly, I’ll feel culpable. So I look for the responsible choice instead. Then even if it gets ugly, I am still clear.

Maybe this sounds simplistic. And maybe it is. But it does help me a lot, so maybe it will help somebody else. The Two of Swords suggests an evenhanded approach in managing competing interests. Your interests and other people’s both count. Decisions may not always work out perfectly, but you can always live with it if you’ve acted with integrity.

Do you have any decision-making tricks?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Dixie’s Daily Tarot, September 22, 2010: Libra Moon Decision-Making Tips — 12 Comments

  1. Decision making tricks….um…no. I have no tricks. If it’s a big decision, like “do I stay or do I go” was, I keep trying to find a reason to stay until I’m almost dead. Then I realize that I must ACT to fix things before it kills me, so the decision is made to go.

    Pathetic, really. Especially since I have the moon in Aries, for God’s sake. I’m a pansy. lol

  2. Moon in Libra here . . . :)

    I do my best to make sure I have the best info possible to base my decision on but have learned slowly and painfully to forgive myself if it turns out I made a bad choice. Life is too short for mountains of regret.

    As for tricks, I suppose what it comes down to for me is:
    a) usually doing something is better than doing nothing
    b) realizing in advance not all my choices will be work out and being comfortable with that.

  3. I try very hard to make decisions that I won’t regret later. I regret fairly little in life. Maybe this is along the same lines as you, Dixie?

    I also subscribe to the proverb “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” and that definitely helps me be okay when life doesn’t move along quickly enough.

  4. Most of the time I just wish that I could turn off my Moon in Libra. As soon as I make a decision (which I’ve usually already heavily mulled over), all that I can do is immediately think of all of the cons of what I’ve just decided to do and the pros of the opposite choice. *Sigh* I think that I NEED some decision-making tricks!

  5. I agonize over decisions, and appreciate your thoughts on this very much. Libra, Libra rising, Pisces Moon. thanks Dixie! –

    oh ps very interesting, today is autumn equinox isn’t it? so there is your card showing balance, equal day, equal night.

    I picked #11 Self Created in the Dakini deck this morning, that equates to Strength in a normal deck. That 1 and 1 kind of reminds me of those 2 swords too.

    Happy Fall to all of you!

  6. Thanks, Dixie. I really needed this today. I’m facing with making decisions about an elderly aunt who is NOT making good decisions. If I do nothing, she’ll be happy, but a horrible living situation will continue. (And I live with her.)
    If I call in some help I’ve found, things will have to change here, and it’s going to be pretty ugly.
    But hopefully, the living situation will change for the better, for both of us.
    I like how you make your decisions – makes perfect sense to me!
    And yep – big stuff.
    (Libra Sun/Moon/Jupiter/Mars – and my SR is Friday.)

  7. Thanks, Dixie – I’ll take all the hugs I can get! (‘Cause pretty quick I can guarantee I won’t be real popular around here.)

  8. (((Kim))) I hope your solar return rocks anyway!

    Moon in Libra here, too. What, Nota, are you picking apart my chart? :) Spot on, per usual.

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