Dixie’s Daily Tarot, June 26, 2010: Gifts of Pain

ten-Coins[1]Shaina’s Chiron talk got me thinking; I’ve never really paid much mind to him, to be honest. I mean, sure, I got wounds. But welcome to humanity, y’kno?  I consider myself well-adjusted, but fully realize self-assessment of being well-adjusted is a lot like self-assessment of humor—even those the furthest off may think they’re stellar.

Not to mention I’ve got Virgo coming out the wazoo, so maybe I should pay some attention to the Chiron dude, I reason. Just in case he really is one of Mercury’s kids.

How well do I manage my wounds? That’s what I asked, and I was completely shocked to see the ten of coins in response.  (I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge this as a clear vote for Mercury’s rulership of Chiron. The symbols are for Mercury in Virgo.)

My wounds are my treasures? Well…with Virgo, they sure could be, provided they’re ultimately used in service.

I noticed a long time ago, the people I knew in my life who were off-the-charts kind, the most compassionate, and the most full of love were often the ones who had the hardest lives. Folks that would have fair justification for living out their days full of bitterness and hate just didn’t—what’s more, they often went the other direction, with a grand flourish! I tried hard to understand it, because it’s utterly humbling to watch.

Pain gives insight. You can either stuff it down with rage or process it with transcendence. But whatever path you take to manage your pain, you don’t soon forget it. When you see someone with pain similar, your heart goes out to them on a level that’s beyond mere understanding, but a heartfelt empathy that contains some of the hurt for them, because you can experience with them and not flinch. You know how rare that is?

I have never had the degree of challenge some have, I know. But the big wounds (to me)—being shunned by my family, losing my kids, even spending most of my life being very fat—each step along the way, I’ve tried to process and grow. And any time I see the opportunity, I share what lessons and perspective I’ve taken with others who are struggling. How could I not? Having been through the fire, surviving and thriving offers hope to others amidst the flames.

I want to do whatever I can to lighten others’ burdens. That is my goal. Dealing with my wounds, such as they are, does give me a treasure box full of insights I can may share, or even just enough understanding that I can be fully present with someone else who is hurting. They don’t have to be alone.

That is a gift—not only to them, but very much to me as well. It allows me to fulfill my purpose.

How about you? Has your pain brought you any treasures?

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Dixie’s Daily Tarot, June 26, 2010: Gifts of Pain — 12 Comments

  1. I also have many “wounds” but I would say the biggest one was the acceptance of my daughter’s diagnosis of Autism. I am more aware now of the gifts she has brought to my life – patience, compassion, and never-ending commitment to helping her be the best she can be.

    I have met hundreds of people who work with those with disabilities, and the love and compassion they have still always overwhelms me. I have also become part of a community of other parents who support each other, and share information that is hard to come by otherwise.

    It has also been very stressful, but I know of many other parents with “normal” kids who become drug addicts, alcoholics, drop-out of school, and generally just fuck their lives up and break their parents hearts. So that has also shown me we all have our burdens to bear, and no situation is perfect.

  2. Talking about my sufferings helped people understand me! and by knowing that I learned to let go of pain… It ain’t easy!! I have Taurean Chiron square my Aqua Sun and sextile my Pisces stellium. I love your post by the way.. even if I don’t comment often!

  3. Great post Dixie. Pain is the only way we can grow, I am convinced of it. Life stays fresh because every day we have choices to make in how we react both to adversity and to success…. and then we adjust to the consequences of those choices, some painful and some joyous. I’m really enjoying the food for thought you give us everyday. Hopefully you can give us some insight on being overweight and how you finally dealt successfully with that problem.

  4. Oh, Dix. (((dixie))) This is marvelous!

    *deleted long ramble because it didn’t make sense* Maybe I can solidify it later. *shy smile*

  5. :: standing ovation ::

    “Pain gives insight. You can either stuff it down with rage or process it with transcendence.” I went a different route for many years – I just stuffed it in a box and hauled it around on my shoulders like it was a normal thing to do. All the while, it dragged me down, like the proverbial “ball and chain”. I finally got the nerve to open what I termed The Box, which was my own Pandora’s Box, and looked at each piece through the eyes of an adult and allowed myself to embrace the lesson and the gift from the debris of each bomb blast.

  6. I really appreciate your tarot writings! They are insightful and I am learning to work with the tarot in an entirely new way – a more active, interpretive way. Keep up the great work!

  7. so many thoughts on this one. can’t even put it in words. I know very well it’s so, but I would gladly have forgone the gift.

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